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Best electric breast pump for working moms

The best electric breast pump for working moms allows you to change the speed and suction level of the breast pump according to the amount of milk to be expressed.

The electric pump can run from mains or lithium-ion batteries and has a single pump or dual pump mode, which means you can squeeze milk from both breasts at the same time.

For working moms who need to pump water regularly and quickly, dual electric pumps may be the best choice, although they may be a bit cumbersome.

They have flanges made of food-grade silicone to provide smoothness and protection to the nipple during milking.

Are you planning to breastfeed, or do you need to breastfeed unexpectedly?

Before buying, the main thing you need to consider is the frequency of use.

Do you want to pump water every day or several times a day?

Then you will need a dual electric breast pump that can pump water from both breasts at once to save you time.

However, if you only plan to pump a few times a week, then an electric breast pump will do. (You may not even need a manual pump, but it does mean that you need to do more work, of course, you can’t manually hands-free pump.)

Whether you decide to use a dual pump or a single pump, you will need an electric pump that can do your job efficiently and comfortably.

Therefore, in order to find the best electric breast pump, we tested various types of vacuum cleaners through various tests, studied their suction power, noise (some may be a bit noisy), and their difficulty in cleaning and assembly.

In addition, we will send the pump to the mom to get real feedback about the pumping comfort, simplicity of setting, portability, and so on.

This is the double-headed and single-headed electric breast pump ranked first and obtained the seal of parental approval today.

List of Best electric breast pump for working moms 2020

1.Medela Sonata intelligent dual electric breast pump

  • Best for moms looking for a quiet, efficient and easy-to-use pump, while moms want to connect high-tech pumps to the app for easy tracking
  • Best advantages Very quiet during use, simple operation, suction can be adjusted according to your body and environment, and connected to the MyMedela app via Bluetooth to track feeding
  • Notes Bluetooth pairing can be tricky
  • The bottom production line Medela Sonata is an innovative smart pump that is ultra-quiet and easy to use. Its responsive pump technology automatically adjusts suction to ensure you are pumping consistently and efficiently. You can connect it to the MyMedela app to easily track feed and complete work efficiently.

2. American Spectra Baby – S1 Plus advanced rechargeable electric breast pump

The Spectra S1 double breast pump has received unanimous praise and is regarded as the market leader. However, as a hospital-grade pump, it is also very expensive, which means it may not be affordable by many working moms.

If you can afford it, you will get a beautiful-looking machine with a closed system that prevents bacteria from entering breast milk, and is beautiful and easy to carry. In addition, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack, which means you can use it anywhere.

3. Philips AVENT Comfort Dual Electric Breast Pump

  • Best for moms who pump frequently
  • The main advantages are easy to use, comfortable, compact and lightweight
  • Matters needing attention The pump must be plugged into the power supply to use, the noise level is moderate, and the hands-free pump requires a separately purchased pump corset
  • Bottom pipeline This is a reasonable design, comfortable pump, strong suction

4. Medela pump type double electric breast pump

  • Best for moms who often pump water and want to pump water anywhere
  • The main advantages are easy to transport, strong suction, and can be used with batteries
  • Compared with other pumps, the loud motor benefits from the hands-free pumping corset, delicate membrane
  • BOTTOM LINE is a compact and portable option for moms who need to pump on the go or moms who need more suction

5. Lansinoh Signature Pro dual electric breast pump

  • A budget-friendly pump that is best for moms and wants to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Best Advantages Three different pumping modes are available, the closed system design prevents milk from entering the pipeline, and the price is lower
  • Precautions Occasionally leak around the nipple shield, hands-free pumping requires a pump corset purchased separately
  • Lansinoh Signature Pro dual electric breast pump is a budget-friendly and easy-to-use option for breastfeeding and breastfeeding moms

6.BabySteps independent dual electric breast pump

The BabySteps independent dual electric breast pump is a very quiet machine designed for use at home or work (as long as you can use a power outlet).

It is lightweight, weighs less than one pound, is easy to carry, and is simple to use. It has two stages (simulation and expression), they mimic your baby’s breastfeeding, and because it is a double pump, it can express milk quickly.

The pump itself does not contain BFA and has been approved by the FDA, which means you can use it safely around the baby.

7. Medela Sonata intelligent dual electric breast pump

Although the Medela Sonata smart double breast pump does not have such a high rating as Spectra S1, more than one mom blog recommends this pump, which means that it has been among our five best pumps.

The weight is only 8.1 pounds, which is a bit like a beast, but it is not easy to carry, but it makes up for this by adding many additional functions (including two pumping rhythms and two phases), making milk expression easier.

You can also personalize the Medela Sonata breast pump through the MyMedla app and touch screen display. The pump also works perfectly with breast pumping bras and can be easily stored in a handbag to keep it clean.

8. Babytec electric breast pump

For those without Medela budget, Babytec double pump or single pump is a good choice. Made of BPA-free materials, it can be safely used with babies, easy to combine and decompose to keep it clean.

It comes with a touch screen display, eight suction levels, and three stages (massage, stimulation, or expression), all of which can be set using the storage mode, which means you don’t need to keep the selection every time you use the pump.

9. Medela Freestyle double electric breast pump

  • Best for moms who often pump water and want to use battery-powered flexibility
  • Main advantages: adjustable suction power, backlit digital display, rechargeable battery
  • Notes Hands-free pumping requires a corset sold separately
  • BOTTOM LINE Whether you are at home or away from home, this pump is fully loaded with everything you need for dual or single pumps

10. Philips Avent Comfort single-use electric breast pump

  • Best for moms seeking effective and affordable electric pumping options
  • The most important benefits are lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • The precautions are larger than some breast pumps. If sucked regularly, the efficiency of a single pump is not as good as that of a double pump.
  • BOTTOM LINE is an affordable electric option that can be pumped anytime, anywhere

11.Medela swing single-head electric breast pump

  • The most suitable for breastfeeding moms, breast milk from the bottle several times a week
  • The main advantages are easy to assemble and use, strong suction
  • Note If the pump is pumped regularly, the efficiency of the single pump is not as good as that of the double pump.
  • The bottom production line Medela Swing single-head electric breast pump is a high-quality, lightweight pump suitable for moms who occasionally need to pump and feed

12. Hornet manual breast pump

For new moms who are on a tight budget or who are not satisfied with the idea of ​​an electric breast pump, Bumblebee manual breast pump is a good choice.

As a manual breast pump, although it is very small (only 4 ounces of milk can be collected per bottle), it is very lightweight and easy to use. No cables and no charging required, you can use it anywhere.

However, like any manual model, there are no bells, whistles, patterns, or suction levels – everything depends on the strength of the mom herself.

Final thoughts on the best electric breast pump for working moms

We have selected 12 breast pumps here. We tried to choose a breast pump suitable for all budgets and working moms with different working methods.

For example, some offices will be located in an office and have their own office, which can be easily plugged into a socket to insert a breast pump and can close the door and lower the blinds, so that they can easily express milk without causing much interference.

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