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Best Pumping Bras for new moms

Do you feel that you often have babies or bottles hanging on your body? Will I feel cramped when holding the bottle while pumping? Check out our best breastfeeding bras and see how much freedom they can give you.

We all want to provide our babies with the best start in life. I know I did it, but I started to feel like a dairy factory.

I know that liquid platinum is best for my little children, but it took me a lot of time until I found the breast pump.

Oh, it gave me freedom. Now, I’m not saying that you will smoke in a vacuum while pumping, but you will be able to perform multiple tasks. Sit back and check your email, relax and read a book, catch up with social media, or even some paperwork.

Let’s see how to find the best breastfeeding bra for you.

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Our picks of best pumping bras products reviews in 2020

1.Best Bra: Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra

When you need to pump (whether at home or at work), you need a bra that can be attached to the breast pump to free your hands.

This best-selling “Single Wishes” safe bottle fixation design helps reduce milk spillage, making breast milk easier and faster to remove. It is very comfortable and easy to use, so it is loved by many pump moms.

The universal convertible design allows you to wear it as a strapless, back, vest or vest style, and can easily wear a bra when you need to pump, it can also be used with a nursing bra, and can even be worn alone itself. It also has a Velcro, so it can change with your body shape as the body changes after delivery.

Available in XS to Plus sizes, the Simple Wishes breast pumping bra can be adjusted up to 10 inches with Velcro on the back, allowing you to customize the size according to post-natal body changes.

2.Best for Large Chest: PumpEase Hands Free Pumping Bra

Breastfeeding and pumping large breasts can be a challenge, but finding the right breast pump bra can save you a lot of discomfort and trouble. PumpEase hands-free breast pumping bra is fully adjustable, so it is suitable for a maximum size of 48H and can adapt to the size changes that most moms make after delivery. The adjustable hook-and-eye front buckle is easy to use and ensures precise support fit. This breast pumping bra is made of soft high-performance technical fabric, comfortable, durable, and has excellent wicking ability.

You can use this multifunctional bra alone on a universal nursing bra, or you can use it alone and wear it in four different configurations: regular, strapless, x-shaped or camisole. PumpEase breast pumping bra is designed with “no stitch”, non-irritating flange opening, can accommodate all brands of breast pumps. Compared with other styles, you will spend more money to buy this bra, but fans think it is worth it.

3.Best wireless nursing bra

If you want a nursing bra that doesn’t feel like a bra, then this nursing bra will suit you. With lightweight support, only a moderate amount of stretching and overstretching styles are required, it is super comfortable and very cute.

This simple bra comes with a pull-down cup cover and can be used when breastfeeding is required. You may want to buy multiple colors in this bra because it comes in black, gray, maroon, pink and ivory. Its size is as small as XL.

4.The most versatile nursing bra

Tired of your push-up bra? You may need to add this Storq Everyday bra to the underwear drawer stat. You can wear this soft cup bra anywhere, because it is comfortable, elastic, and looks good under a T-shirt, blouse, or plaid shirt.

This nursing bra can be easily pulled aside, so you can breastfeed and pump out milk to avoid stress. Check Storq’s size chart to find the most suitable size.

5.Best strapless nursing bra

Show off your beautiful bare shoulders? This Natori strapless breastfeeding bra is your lifeguard. It is comfortable, covering and supporting, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting under clothes or tops.

In a few days, if you do not shake your bare shoulders, this bra will bring an extra set, which can be doubled as a normal bra. In addition, it can easily access your chest, so you can easily feed your baby without having to take it off. The size is 36C to 40DDD.

6. the best sports chest

Sweat hands on this Kindred Bravely sports bra. It is made of soft stretchy moisture-wicking fabric and a wide elastic chest strap, so you can ride a bike, lift weights or do yoga, and keep the girls in place.

If you are worried about comfort, this nursing bra is also seamless, so you won’t feel tight when moving. The best part is the discreet care channel of this bra. If you need breastfeeding or pumping milk, you can easily loosen your lips. Its size is as small as XL.

7.Best Nursing Bra

This breastfeeding bra comes with a wireless cup, and the pull-on design makes it easy to wear both day and night. All in all, this bra allows you to easily and efficiently perform nursing or breast pumping anytime, anywhere.

“I’ve been back to work and pumped for three months. I like this bra-it’s great because when I get home, I can breastfeed inside,” mom and mom Dani Kristen shared.


I hope you like the best pumping bras like me. I can’t say too much to them. They are really changing lives! Please enjoy!

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