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Top 32 Baby Names That Mean Justice

Names that mean justice: Justice is a word and we can say that it is a law that is used usually for a person that means the person behaves to another person with a good deed and never does anything bad with him. Justice is a common word that has so many synonyms and also has the same meaning words in different languages which we will be discussed in that article.

 Choosing the right name is kind of like a masterpiece. Sometimes it is very difficult for parents to choose the right name for their baby but don’t worry about that. We are here to serve you the best names that mean justice. First, you must know the right definition of justice. The true meaning of “justice” is to treat or do something in a good manner. In short, if you do any kind of act with faith you will fall in the justice category.

Here we are  giving some short points that will help you to choose the right name for your baby

The main points  or criteria before choosing a name for your baby

  1. You have to avoid the trends many parents name their babies which are trending.
  2. You can pick a name from your family tree.
  3. You can pick the name which belongs to your culture.
  4. You must know the meaning which you will choose for your baby.

Our Picks of Top 32 Names That Mean Justice in 2021


Eurydice is a female a Greek name which means you can choose the name for your baby.


 It is a female version name which is come or derived from lustus which is commonly known as fair, honest this will be the perfect one if you have a cute little daughter. It is a french name,


Hadiya is a female-originated name that will be perfect for Arabic, Persian peoples it resembles the Muslim culture named Islam.


Justin is a male name that means righteous if you plan to choose that name so it will be the perfect name for your baby. The famous pop singer or artist also has the same name JUSTIN BIEBER.


Hadiya is a female originated name which will be perfect for Arabic, Persian peoples it resembles the Muslim culture named Islam.


Zadok is a boy name that is normally derived from Hebrew which means righteous yes you can pick that name for your son.


It is a name which is used for a boy. It is a Persian name that means honest


Nima is a male gender name that originates from Iran. It is a Persian name that means well-known and just fair.


Rashida is also an Arabic name which is a female version name which means Righteous it is a Persian name.


Adlai is another boy name which you can choose for your son. It is a Hebrew origin name that means God is just.


Maat is a boy Egyptian name that comes from an old Egyptian reference if you are looking for a unique ancient name so will be the perfect one.


Jestin is the same as the Jestin but it is a welsh name whose meaning is prettier, righteous, and fair.


For your kind information, Salah is an Arabic word which is also called Namaz. Basically, it is an Arabic word used for Muslims.


Zuzen is a boy name that means just justice.


Saladin is an Arabic male name that means the fairness and justice of religion. Do you know the first sultan’s name was also Salah-ud-in.


Joost is basically a dutch name which means just yes it is a male name so if you are dutch so you can pick that name.


Adalet is a Turkish name that means justice.


 Billie is a girl name which is basically a german name that means defender of justice.


 Astraia  is a female name that originated from the Greek language that means goddess of justice.


 Adl is a Muslim boy which means justice.


Ashtad is a male version name that is basically Iranian which means justice you can pick that name if you are Iranian or if you have Persian or Muslim background.


Dad is a boy name which is actually a  Parsi name that means law justice but in English commonly we know that word as a father.


 Dharmadeva is an Indian boy name that means God of justice. If you are Hindu so this will be the perfect one for you.


Hakin is a boy name that belongs to  Kiswahili and means justice.


Insaf is the most common word in the Islamic religion and around the Muslims. It is a boy name belongs to Muslims which means judge with justice


 Inshaf is an Indian name basically a boy name which means equity justice you can pick that name for your baby.


Jasmeer is basically a Punjabi girl which means justice and blessing who has a Punjabi background can pick that name.


Justus is basically a male name which will be the best boy name if you have a  latin background which means justice.


Masako is a girl Japanese name which means justice in Japanese.


Nithik is basically an Indian boy’s name which means master of justice.


Qazi is basically an Indian name that means judge and justice.


Minkah is basically an Akan name and it is a boy name that means justice.


I hope you now you can choose the best name of the above-given list for your baby basically we take meaning names from almost every type of religion, culture and language which really help all type of parent no matter you are, Arabic, Muslim, Persian, Iranian, german and french you can pick your baby name according to your religion, culture, and language.

Don,t think too much now it’s time to take some action. You can pick the desired name for your baby. I think these would be enough names for you and for your baby.

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