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Top 48 Best Names That Mean Holy for Baby

Names That Mean Holy: For many parents, naming their child is a spiritual process they want to cherish for the rest of their lives. A beautiful name signifies the desires and hopes of a new parent associated with his kid. Holy means to be pure and innocent with no intention of doing anything wrong with the people.

Names that mean holy are for people who are transparent as crystal and are openhearted as a child or adult.  Thus, many people want to name their child that means holy as it brings forward righteousness and differentiates it from the evil of the spirit. 

So, if you are expecting something holy of your own and are looking for a way to solidify his place as the purest in this world, consider picking one of the following names that mean holy.

Our Picks of Top 48 Best Names That Means Holy 2021

Abeline: It is the area of the holy land, which is also mentioned in the Bible. The meaning of this name is the land of pastures.

Ajwa: It is an Arabic boy name that refers to a date in Saudi Arabia tree planted by Holy Prophet PBUH.

Alperen: This Turkish boy’s name means hero or holy person.

Ariana: It is a girl’s name of Italian origin that means “most holy”. Its twin-spelling name is Arianna, which is also being widely used by people inspired by Greek names.

Bharvi: It is a unisex name more commonly used in India. Bharvi refers to a holy basil plant in Hindi.

Calum: This boy’s name is of Scottish and Latin origin. The meaning here is Dove which is popular among Christians as it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, peace, and purity.

Chiseko: Chiseko is a Japanese girl’s name that means wisdom, holy, sacred, and energy.

Conway: Another English boy’s name derived from the name of river Conway means holy water in Welsh.

Delvin: This name has an Irish and English origin. The meaning of Delvin is godly friend or bright friend.

Elzani: It is a Christian girl’s name that means Holy Spirit.

Esfandiar: Most common usage of this name is in Persian and Persian mythology. The meaning of Esfandiar is “given by the holy”.  It is also the name of a Persian price whose tale was recorded in the form of a poem by a Persian poet Ferdowsi.

Fredda: Fredda means peaceful ruler. It is the female version of Frederic, which means holy reconciliation.

Fuensanta: It is a Spanish feminine name, which is taken from the title of Virgin Mary. It is a contraction of the earlier title called “the virgin of the holy fountain/spring”.

Geldau: It is a feminine west Frisian name that is derived from gothic gold, meaning sacrifice combined with holy German wig warrior.

Geronimo: It is a scared boy name of Spanish origin. It is the Spanish version of the Jerome sacred and a variant of the holy Jerome Saint’s name.

Gwyn: Gwyn is a name that parents can use for their boy or girl. It is of Welsh origin and means fair, holy, and white blessed.

Heddwyn: The name Heddwyn is a boy name with Welsh region, which means holy peace.

Helga: Many parents like the name Helga for their daughters. It refers to a divine woman, sacred, holy, successful, faithful, and prosperous.

Ibuki: Another unisex name of Japanese origin. The name Ibuki means brave, beautiful, holy, sacred, and breathe.

Jarom: Jarom is a boy name that means the earth, spring, holy and peaceful.

Jiseong: A feminine Korean name that displays knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and holy/sacred sage.

Kalifa: It is a Somalia name for girls. In the Somalia region, the name Kalifa means holy or chaste.

Katy: Katy is a girl’s name. The meaning of Katy is pure, virginal, holy, and clear.

Katrina: A name suitable for parents who want to name their girl means holy, pure, chaste, and virginal.

Lloyd: This boy’s name means sacred or grey-haired.

Maddona: It is a Japanese name where “Mado” means beautiful, holy and “na” means mother/daughter/wife.

Maria: A girl’s name meaning elegant, holy, gracious, and refined.

Muqaddas: It is an Arabic name mostly used for girls. In the Arabic language, Muqaddas means to be sanctified.

Nevin: Navin is a boy’s name with an Irish origin. The meaning of this name is holy and divine.

Oleg: This Russian name means holy and pure.

Olve: It is a Norwegian boy name derived from defense/protection combined with warrior or holy man.

Pakhom: It is a boy’s name with ancient Egyptian origin meaning “he of the holy falcon”. Here the flacon is the symbol of the Egyptian God Horus.

Pius: A Latin boy name meaning holy, pious, or godly.

Quddus: An Arabic name that means sacred or holy. In Islamic tradition, it is one of the ninety-nine names of Allah.

Rayna: A Christian girl’s name, which means purity, queen, pure and holy dust.

Remedio: This boy’s name is of Spanish origin. The meaning of Remedio is remedy or to help.  The word help here refers to aid from a divine or holy source.

Samariu: This name is from Karachay-Balkar, which means beautiful, native/dear, good, and holy/sacred.

Sancta: It is an English/Italian/French name derived from divine, sacred, consecrated, pious, just, and holy.

Sayano: A Japanese name for girls meaning blossom, cool, refreshing, sage, holy, and saint.

Sophia: This name is of German, English, and Greek origin. It means holy wisdom.

Susan: Susan is a Christian name for girls means lotus, lily, a beautiful plant, holy and descent.

Tabuang: It is a Polynesian boy’s name, which means holy wind.

Tina: Tina is a girl’s name, which means pure, holy, clay, little one, river, and follower of God.

Trinity: The name is of Christian origin. Parents who want to name their daughters with meaning holy three, Holy Spirit and a holy triad can use this unique name.

Winifred: It is a girl’s name. The name means friend of peace, peace friend, blessed, and holy.

Wyn: This name can be used for both girls and boys. Wyn means fair, holy, and white blessed.

Zain: Zain name is of Hindi origin and means godly light.

Zimran: This boy’s name is of Hebrew origin and means holy and virtuous.


Choosing a baby’s name can be a tricky business. With this article’s help, you can find out the best names that mean holy that are in trend right now. Despite your nationality and religion, there is a name to suit your need and match your newborn baby’s personality.

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