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Top 35 Glorious Baby Names that Mean Stone, Jewel, Gemstone, Precious Diamond

“A name is the blueprint of the thing we call “character.”

Names that Mean Stone: A name is a beautiful present given by parents to their little ones, therefore, it plays an integral role in the growth and empowerment of their children. Every other parent desires to have a baby name that is unique and has an endearing meaning.

That’s why we have rounded up a list of the top meaningful and glorious names for your little munchkins. So, without further delay, read on, and find out an exquisite name for your baby.

Top 35 Glorious Baby Names that Mean Stone, Jewel, Gemstone, Precious Diamond 

Agate – this name creates a friendly and positive impact on your baby girl. The meaning of this beautiful and gorgeous name is “a precious stone or a jewel.”

Aamber – the meaning of this exclusive and super-gorgeous baby name is “a treasurable stone or a priceless diamond.”

Abharan – if you want a name, which has meaning gemstone or valuable stone for your baby boy, then you should go for Abharan.

Amber – this is a quite popular name and mostly found in many countries. The meaning of this adoring name is “a precious jewel or a woman with a lavish personality.”

Aasma – the meaning of this beautiful and glorious name is “an exquisite diamond or an excellent gemstone.”

 Abrik – Abrik is commonly found in many countries, which means treasurable like gold.

Adiya – the meaning of this unique name is “An expensive treasure, a precious stone, or a brilliant magnificent diamond.”

Agamani– this name is highly considerable for both boys & girls, which means unique and priceless diamond or a shining stone.

Beryl – this one is a quite fancy name for your little girl, and the meaning of “Beryl” is “an exquisite diamond, valuable gemstone, or a sparkling stone.”

Bijou – this name is mostly found in European and French countries. The meaning of “Bijou” is “a valuable stone or an elegant diamond.”

Balamani – It’s a quite new and unique name for a baby boy, and the meaning of this glorious name is “precious jewel or radiant diamond.”

Barajamani – the meaning of this endearing and charming name is “ornaments, precious like gold, and a radiant, dazzling diamond.”

Cenia – the meaning of “Cenia” is “a precious stone or an emerald gold.”

Ceinwen –this is a quite unique and magnificent name for your baby girl. Its meaning is “an exquisite stone or a priceless gemstone.”

Chandraneel – the meaning of this elegant and beautiful name is “treasurable like a moon, and a bright pearl.”

Chandraratna – this innovative and elegant name means “a precious pearl or a sparkling diamond.”

Diamond – why to give your baby girl a name that means “precious stone or diamond.”? Why not give her the name “Diamond”, which creates a precious and unique personality of your baby girl. This name is quite trending across many countries.

Dehivamani – this name is a Hindu name, and its meaning is “Jewel of the Gods or elegant shining stones.”

Davin – this name is prevalent for baby boys, and it’s super-easy to spell. Its meaning is “treasurable stone or a precious diamond.”

Dalenna – the meaning of this glorious and adoring name is “beautiful ornamental stone or a priceless gold.”

Dugu – this name is used to express meaningful feelings for your baby boy. Its meaning is “a cute and a lovable son, charming & elegant stone.”

Eben – the meaning of this charming and exclusive name is “a shining or a radiant stone.”

Emberlyn – this name means “beautiful or precious pearl and jewel.”

Emerald – the meaning of this super-gorgeous and splendid name is “a treasurable jewel or a precious piece of stone.”

Emuobosa – this is a unisex name, and its meaning is “charming stone or a sharp shining diamond.”

Fairoze – the name “Fairoze” means turquoise stone or a precious shining jewel.

Fariza – the meaning of this beautiful and exclusive name is “a precious gem or an elegant gemstone.”

Gemma – this name is generally found in France and the UK. The meaning of this superfluous and gorgeous name is “a treasurable diamond or a piece of jewel.”

Goldie – this name has found almost in every other country, and it is as cute and precious as a jewel.

Hyacinth – this name is as beautiful as a bosomy flower. If you give your baby girl the name “Hyacinth”, she will be a lucky charm for you because its meaning is “an exclusive stone or a priceless diamond.”

Hali – it’s mostly found in baby boys, and its meaning is “an elegant stone or a dazzling bright diamond.”

Iolite – this is a quite distinctive and charming name, and it’s a blue gemstone. The meaning of this glorious name is “an exquisite diamond or desirable stone.” Those people who have the name “iolite” are considered good leaders.

Lazuli – lazuli is a brilliant blue stone. If you keep this name for your baby, you may experience unimaginable and powerful precious qualities in her, just like as a shining stone.

Olivine – this magnificent and unique name, “Olivine”, is taken due to its olive green appearance. Its meaning is a precious gold or an elegant stone.

Sapphire – it is a popular name for a “blue” stone which means “precious or shining brilliant diamond.” This name is quite trendy, and it’s a perfect option for your little baby munchkin.

Final Thoughts: –

Choosing the right and meaningful name for your child is of utmost importance because it indicates the true color of a person, such as who they are and what they will be in the future. Some people believe that name creates an impact on the children, therefore, we have come up with a list having classy, unique names that mean stone, jewel, gold, precious stone, and gemstone.

As a parent, you should invest little time in research for your little ones because the name is thy only thing which your child carry throughout their life.

We are certain that you will highly impressed by these glorious and magnificent names. You can choose the best ones from our list and can shortlist the favorite ones for the future as well.

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