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Top 46 Best Names That Mean Poet For Boys and Girls

Are you a new parent looking for a literary name for your child? This article about Names That Mean Poet is for you.

If you enjoy reading or saying poetry, the chances are that you might want to look for some poet-inspired names for your baby. There are many names out there that means poet or poetry. You can take inspiration from these names and then choose the perfect name for your child.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best names that mean poet to help you decide on a suitable name.  In this rich and comprehensive list, you will find every name, whether it is associated with a mythical God of poetry, any famous poet, or simple poetry.

List of Top 46 Best Names That Mean Poet in 2021

Angelou: It is one of the rarest names in the world. This name is for girls, which means angel. For parents who want to shift to a unique name for their baby, Angelou is a great choice.

Accius: This name is of Latin origin. It is a boy’s name and means “a roman poet”.

Apollonia: The name is of Latin origin and belongs to Apollo. Here, Apollo refers to the God of music, poetry, and light.

Banjo: The name Banjo is of English origin, which is often used for boys. It is an instrument and a popular Australian poet Banjo Patterson.

Bragi: It belongs to the Scandinavian origin where Bragi is the Norse God of poetry.

Caedmon: With Anglo Saxon origin, it is the name of the earliest documented English poet.

Calliope: It is a name of Greek origin. The name means beautiful voice and often refers to Calliope (mythological muse for epic poetry).

Devan: The name Devan means poet or writer of poetry. It is a very common name that belongs to Gaelic or Celtic origin.

Donne: This name of Welsh origin belongs to a famous 16th-century poet John Donne.

Dymphna: It has Gaelic origin and means little poet.

Edda: The name means poetry. It is another rare name for girls that belongs to Norse origin.

Eknath: This name with an Indian origin refers to a famous Hindu poet and saint.

Erato: Erato is a Greek name for girls. It means beloved, loved, and muse of love poetry.

Erina: It is of Gaelic origin and a poetic name for Ireland.

Gwendolyn: Another popular name that means poet is Gwendolyn. He was the African-American poet who won Pulitzer Prize.

Hartley: This name has an English origin. It means stag meadow or stag wood. It was the name of a famous English poet Hartley Coleridge.

Joaquin: It is a Spanish name that is also a short form of the Hebrew name Jehoiachin. This name refers to the popular forebears, including different explorers and poet Joaquin Miller.

Jane: Jane is a Hebrew name and means gracious and merciful. It is also the name of a popular Irish poet Jane Wilde (mother of Oscar Wilde).

Kavi: It is of Indian origin. The name is mostly used for boys and means a wise man or a poet.

Kavya: Another unique and whimsical name of Indian origin is Kavya. It is a girl’s name and means auspicious, good, beautiful, and poetic.

Kleio: Kelio is a Greek name for girls. It means poetry and the glory of history.

Lee: The name Lee has Celtic, English, Latin, and Irish origin. It is a unisex name that means meadow, wood, or shelter. In Irish, the name means poetry. N

Leighanna: This name is of English origin and simply means “a poet”.

Lirit: It is a Hebrew name with the meaning “a poet”.

Lucasta: Lucasta is mostly used for girls. This name has an English origin and a fictional background. It was first used by poet Rochard Lovelace in his poem.

Marilis: It is a Greek name, which refers to a poetic illusion to a country girl.

Meera: This famous, mystical name comes from a Hindu poet Meera Bai. It is surely an inspiration for many parents looking for a sweet name for their baby girl.  Meera also means prosperous or amazing.

Nash: It is a perfect boy name for your baby. The name refers to the famous American poet Ogden Nash.

Omar: Omar is an Arabic name, which means flourish. The name also refers to the 11th-century Persian poet Omer Khayyam.

Ofydd: This name is of Welsh origin and often a boy’s name. It means “a roman poet”.

Paavendan: It is an Indian name for boys and means “king of poetry”.

Padyamrita: This name is of Sanskrit origin. It is mostly used to name girls and means nectar of poetry.

Phillidia: This unique and poetic name of Latin origin is taken from Nicholas Breton’s poem and means “loving”.

Prashasti: People from Indian culture can name their baby girl Prashasti, which means poetry, praise, and fame.

Poesy: The word Poesy means poetry. Even though the name is not common, it still has a certain charm due to its English origin.

Rawiyah: It is an Arabic name, which means the one who transmits to old Arabic poetry.

Riordan: This name from Celtic origin means King’s poet or royal poet.

Saga: Saga is a Norse name for girls. Many people keep this name for their baby girls as it means goddess of poetry and history.

Seamus: The name has a Gaelic or Irish origin. It means philosopher or poet.

Shaira: Shaira is one of the most loved names of Arabic origin. It means poetess.

Shayari: Another Indian name that means poet/poetry is Shayari.

Teague: It has an Irish origin. The name Teague means handsome poet or simply poet.

Thi: This Vietnamese name also means poetry.

Thy: This name is a variant of the name Thi and means poetry.

Valmiki: Valmiki is a Hindu name of Indian origin. The word refers to the “name of the poet”.

Virgil: The name is derived from Latin origin. The word Virgil means flourishing and also the name of a famous poet who authored The Aeneid.

Williamina: It is the feminine form of the name William and means poet.


If you are striving to find a unique name for your baby, this article can be the ultimate guide for your precious hunt. The list is great for every avid reader and poetry lover. These poetic names will surely inspire your kids to become poets and readers and understand the beauty of every language.

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