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Top 10 Best Comb for Curly Hair [Buying Guide] Reviews 2021

Are you looking for the best comb for curly hair? If so, then you have come to the right place. Having curly hair is all fun until you have to spend hours detangling them. For sure, curly hair makes you look great, but it also requires a lot of care.

Having curly hair makes it difficult to maintain and style your hair. Not only that, such hair also quickly becomes frizzy. That being said, it is highly important to choose a brush or comb that does not snag or pull, causing hair damage and weakening your scalp.

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Curly hair varies from individual to individual – some women have wavy hair while others have thick textures and patterns. That is why it is difficult for women to find the right brush/comb for their curly hair.

To help you with your curly hair, we have come up with the ten best hair brushes and coms, so you can choose the best comb for curly hair. Let’s go through this guide together!

List Of Top 10 Best Comb for Curly Hair Product Reviews for 2021

01 – Mason Pearson Styling Comb

Mason Pearson Styling Comb

Review: –

If you prefer to combing your curly hair rather than brushing, then you want to make sure to use a high-quality comb. This Mason Pearson styling comb is excellent for all kinds of detangling and styling. Using this comb will not disturb your curl pattern while gently detangling your wet hair.

Since the teeth of this styling comb do not have a lot of space, it will keep curls defined without unraveling one another. It is a perfect comb to buy for all types of hair, especially curly hair.

It is made of the best quality plastic and comes in tortoise color. It was designed while keeping in mind all the hair damage problems of people. You can come up with a fabulous hairstyle just the way you want without damaging your hair.

Features: –

  • It Is Manufactured In Switzerland.
  • It Comes In Only One Color – Tortoise.
  • It Was Specially Designed For People With Curly Hair.
  • It Reduces Hair Damage.
  • It smoothly glides through hair.
  • It is easy to hold.
  • It is lightweight and reduces frizz.
  • It is perfect for curly hair.
  • It is not durable.

02 – Mason Pearson Tail Comb

Mason Pearson Tail Comb

Review: –

Get yourself a Mason Pearson’s tail comb to enjoy multiple benefits. This tail comb is soft and luxurious, specially designed for combing curly hair without any hassle. It consists of all those features that you need to have well-defined curls easily.

It is made of several rows of nylon that add definition and edges to your hair and create an incredible hair shape. So, when you blow-dry and style your hair, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Not only that, it also detangles hair strands in no time, so you can perfectly shape your curl. It is also known for adding shine, reducing frizz, and increasing the volume of your hair while straightening your curls.

All in all, it saves your hair and scalp from pulling and tugging while you can have perfectly shaped hair!

Features: –

  • It Is Suitable For All Types Of Hair (Including Wet Hair).
  • It Has Soft Bristles Made Of Nylon Pins.
  • It Comes In Environmentally Friendly Packaging.
  • It Adds Shine And Volume To Hair While Perfectly Shaping Your Hair.
  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • You can easily carry it during traveling.
  • It provides a non-slippery grip handle.
  • It well-defines the shape of your curly hair.
  • It has quality control problems.

03 – T3 Smooth Paddle Hair Brush

T3 Smooth Paddle Hair Brush

Review: –

Another amazing comb for curly hair that we have is the T3 Smooth Paddle Hair Brush. This product easily detangles your curly hair and helps you style them hassle-free. Not only that, its users also review that it significantly decreases hair damage, frizz and improves hair texture.  

T3 Smooth Paddle Hair redistributes all-natural oils of the hair across each hair strand to make them look shinier and healthier. It is called the deep conditioning effect that efficiently works on all hair strands.

This is not it – if you have somewhere to go and can’t find time to take a shower, you can go to the event without washing your hair.

All you need to do is use this brush to give your hair a great look. Moreover, you don’t need to use lots of hair products while using this hair brush. Just make sure to keep the brush clean at all times, and you are good to go.

Features: –

  • It Is Lightweight And Durable.
  • It Is Highly Affordable.
  • It Comes With Nylon Bristles And Cushioned Body.
  • It takes care of several hair problems.
  • It provides easy detangling by covering most of your hair area in a single attempt.
  • Its non-slip handle ensures effortless styling.
  • It is ideal for all hair lengths and types.
  • It may not be great for thicker hair.

04 – GHD Hair Comb

GHD Hair Comb

Review: –

In fourth place is the GHD Hair Comb, which allows you to style your hair quickly and easily. It’s a great comb for styling, setting, and volumizing curly hair with no fuss.

It is a fine-toothed comb that comes with anti-static and heat-resistant features. The GHD Hair Comb is made of high-quality elements, detangling and styling your hair in no time. If you want to section, backcomb, and intricate styling your hair, there is no better option than this hair comb.

Not only that, it also smoothens hairlines and produces tension for better styling. It is manufactured in a way that makes it suitable for all types of hair and lengths. It is beneficial for hairstyling and blow-drying.

Moreover, it has gentle and soft bristles that don’t feel hard on your scalp, detangling each hair strand without damaging your hair.

However, it has a drawback – you need to spend a little more time combing your hair if they are thick in texture. Otherwise, it’s an overall excellent choice to make for your curly hair.

Features: –

  • It Smoothens Hairlines.
  • It Is Gentle On The Scalp.
  • It Offers Excellent Value For Money.
  • It is travel-friendly and lightweight.
  • It is made of soft bristles.
  • It does not damage your hair while effortlessly detangling them.
  • It may not provide adequate results on thick hair.

05 – T3 Micro Detangle Duo Brush Set

T3 Micro Detangle Duo Brush Set

Review: –

Taking the fifth spot is the T3 Micro Detangle Brush Set which guarantees to work wonders on your hair.  This set consists of a comb and a brush that remove tangles and knots on even the tightest of curls without any hassle.  

The micro detangle set comes in white color and is perfect to use on wet hair. The duo comfortably detangles your hair, allowing you to dry them quickly without any hair breakage. The brush has soft bristles that quickly loose knots, and its ball tips can massage the scalp.

On the other hand, the comb is made of evenly spaced teeth that make your hair soft and smooth by delivering hair products deeply to each hair strand.

Both the brush and comb feature an ergonomic teardrop-shaped handle for a better and tighter grip. The detangle duo is perfect for curly hair as well as other hair types and extensions.

This works because the scalp gets a gentle massage when you brush your hair from the roots to the tips. All of this encourages healthy hair growth, so your hair not only looks great but also feels great.

Features: –

  • The Duo Gently Massages Your Scalp.
  • It Is A Set Of A Comb And A Brush.
  • It Is Available At Reasonable Rates.
  • It is a hair duo for smoothly detangling your curly hair.
  • It helps hair dry faster.
  • It is perfect for all types of hair and even extensions.
  • It is not very durable.

06 – FHI Heat Stylus Thermal Styling Brush

FHI Heat Stylus Thermal Styling Brush

Review: –

On the sixth, we have the incredible FHI Heat Stylus Thermal Styling Brush that is particularly great for blow-drying and styling your hair. It is perfect for defining and shaping your waves and curls, adding length, and lifting your roots.

Its bristles are made of ceramic and nylon, making this brush highly effective for smoothening hair strands, especially under the heat presence. So, if you desire to have that perfect blow-out, you definitely need this hair brush in your life. 

Not only that, these bristles also create suitable tension for lifting and bouncing your hair roots. You will experience added shine and volume to your hair with this hair brush. All in all, it is ideal for all hair types, mainly medium and short-length hair.

Features: –

  • It Has Bristles Made Of Ceramic And Nylon.
  • It Is Lightweight With An Ergonomic Handle.
  • It Is Perfect For All Types Of Hair.
  • It goes a long way.
  • It is made of high-quality compounds.
  • It provides a tighter grip.
  • It adds volume to hair and lifts your roots.
  • It is quite expensive.

07 – Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

Review: –

Up next is the Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush that helps you style your hair in no time. This is an excellent round brush made of high-quality ceramic material.

It is great for detangling medium to long curly hair without any hair damage. It is known for styling, setting, and volumizing curly hair, giving you a smooth and classy look.

Not only that, this amazing round brush also creates tension and smoothens hairlines to help you have a great hairstyle. It is designed in such a way that makes it suitable for most hair types. When it comes to blow-drying and styling your hair, you should not miss out on this brush.  

It also features gentle bristles that feel soft on your scalp when effectively setting and raising your hair strands without causing any tugging or pulling. However, it has one drawback – it consumes more time detangling thick hair. Otherwise, it is one of the best comb for curly hair.

Features: –

  • It Gives Your Scalp A Gentle Sensation.
  • It Is Made Of High-Quality And Soft Bristles.
  • It Has A Travel-Friendly Size.
  • It smoothly straightens your curly hair.
  • It does not cause hair damage.
  • It has great value for money.
  • It does not work well on thick hair.

08 – R+Co Round Brush

R+Co Round Brush

Review: –

Another incredible hair brush is the R+CO Round Brush! It is the ultimate choice when it comes to blowing drying and styling, well-defining your curls and waves.  

Apart from that, manufacturers claim that this brush eliminates bacteria present on your scalp and hair. Therefore, your hair becomes healthier and cleaner. It is specially designed to keep your hair clean for fast hair growth.

Moreover, this round hair brush does not cause hair breakage, which leads to increased hair length and lifted roots. It is due to the fact that it contains the most delicate bristles, which are highly effective at smoothing hair strands. This round brush is a must-have for having the perfect hairstyle.

Features: –

  • It Is Great For Styling Your Hair.
  • It Prevents Hair Damage.
  • It Treats Your Frizzy Hair.
  • It is perfect for blow drying and styling your hair.
  • It is ideal for all types of hair.
  • It is made with best quality components.
  • None.

09 – Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush

Review: –

In addition to the list, we have got another incredible hair brush for your curly hair – Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush. Saying that it is a dreamy brush wouldn’t be wrong because it is soft on your scalp while effectively detangles your hair in a short time.

If you are looking for something to take care of your scalp and clean your hair, this hair brush is what you want. It consists of a cushion structure that gently brushes your hair and scalp.

With this hair brush, you can even detangle your longer and thicker hair in no time. It works in both wet and dry hair and style your hair quickly without causing any hair breakage.

Features: –

  • Its Wide Paddle Helps You Have A Tighter Grip.
  • It Helps You In Styling Without Any Hassle.
  • It Can Be Used Even For Longer And Thicker Hair.
  • It keeps your scalp clean.
  • It promotes hair growth.
  • It is lightweight and long-lasting.
  • It is not the best value for money.

10 – Olivia Garden iDetangle Hair Brush

Olivia Garden iDetangle Hair Brush

Review: –

Last but surely not the least is the Olivia Garden iDetangle Hair Brush. It is a durable and lightweight brush that comes with a dual-curve, hugging the scalp smoothly.

It produces gentle gliding movements to efficiently detangle your curly and hair thicker without consuming a lot of your time. This incredible brush does not rip, pull, or tug your hair from the scalp to avoid hair damage. 

The brush’s bristles are made of nylon and boar blend. Both of these compounds are known for reducing hair damage and detangling hair with ease. It can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Unlike most hair combs and brushes, this Olivia Garden’s brush features earth minerals to promote your hair growth and health. Not only that, it even makes your hair look shinier and better. Given it all, there is no doubt that this is one of the most favorite hair products among both kids and adults.

Features: –

  • It Is Children-Friendly.
  • It Is Infused With Earth Minerals.
  • It Boosts Your Hair Growth And Health.
  • It is made of nylon and boar bristles.
  • It is soft and gentle in use.
  • It does not hurt your scalp.
  • It reduces hair damage.
  • Bristles tend to fall off easily.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Comb for Curly Hair

It may not seem important, but purchasing the right hair brush/comb requires the same eagerness and research when buying cosmetics or clothes. That is why we have come up with the following factors to consider, so you can choose the best comb for curly hair. Let’s take a look!


It is an important factor to consider since the bristles are used directly on your hair when brushing/combing. Be sure to choose the right brush/comb according to your hair’s condition. For example, having thin and dry hair means you must go for a hair brush with natural and soft bristles.

Additionally, ensure buying a hair comb/brush with bristles attached to the brush’s base, so you will not have to replace it after a few days.


Just like bristles, you need to choose the shape of your brush/comb as per your hair requirements. If you want to add volume and enhance curls, then round brushes are the best for you. On the other hand, go for a paddle brush and a blow dryer to straighten your hair without any damage or breakage.

Hair Length

You can find a vast range of hair brushes on the market. If you have long hair, a more rounded brush that can quickly brush your hair up to the ends is recommended.


The ease with which you comb your hair can be decided by the handle of your hairbrush. Selecting a brush with a secure handle will help you straighten your hair without exerting too much effort.

A brush with a gently cushioned handle can also help relieve pressure caused by holding the brush for long periods, which is favored when doing complex types.


A hairbrush plate is another important factor to remember when buying a straightening brush. What exactly is a brush plate? This is the part of the brush that comes into contact with your hair and retains the bristles.

You must pay careful attention to this part because it is often heated until it reaches your hair. Make sure you buy a high-quality brush, preferably one that integrates advanced technology to minimize heat-related harm.

The Closing

You should think about the closing bit when choosing a hair straightening brush because it is one of the variables that affect the styling process. You must weigh all of these factors if you do not want to end up with an unsuccessful hairbrush.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Comb for Curly Hair

01 – Which type of hair brush/comb is best for curly hair?

The best hair brushes/combs are those that have soft bristles, so you have a gentle scalp experience when brushing your hair. Such hair brushes also add shine and detangle your hair without pulling out your hair, lowering hair damage.

02 – How long can I use a hair comb/brush?

Experts recommend that one should change their hair brushes/combs after every six months. As a result, you will experience faster hair growth and reduced hair fall.

03 – Which hair brush should I choose for frizzy hair?

Each hair brush has its benefits, but using a paddle brush with a vented plate can really help you have smooth and straight hair. Moreover, a round brush is great for blow-drying and styling your hair as well as adding volume to the hair.

Final Thoughts: –

You can buy a hair brush/comb at cheap rates, but those products are made of low-quality plastic that increases hair damage.

On the other hand, getting a high-quality brush or comb may cost you a little more than usual, but you can detangle your curly hair without any hassle.

Therefore, go for a low-quality hair brush/comb only if you want to keep damaging your hair.

We recommend you make a better choice by picking the high-quality hair brush/comb even if it is a little expensive on your pockets. This way, you will have longer, thicker, and smoother hair.

Not only that, you can also shape and style your hair just the way you want, without worrying about hair breakage.

We hope you find our guide’ best comb for curly hair’ helpful and you will choose the right hair comb/brush as per your curly hair needs.

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