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BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller Review 2021

Rose quartz by beauty bio has been reviewed thousands of times by skincare enthusiasts and experts. We are going to give you something different. We would explore the meaning and history of the rose quartz and will elaborate scientific benefits of this BeautyBio product.

Before starting to know about the product and what the BeautyBio specialists have added to the roller for making it more robust and promising, let’s know something about the mystery and history associated with the rose quartz.

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Rose quartz mystery revealed

Rose quartz ave earned a lot of accolade as the skincare products. There are also various types of gems available as jade quartz, amethyst, or various other crystals. But the rose quartz are more famous and widely used comparing all other crystals and stones.

There are various benefits associated with the rose quartz, but the widely accepted are the skincare benefits ranging from relieving puffiness to provide elasticity or improve the skin tone.

Rose quartz mystery revealed

You have seen various bloggers and skincare experts claiming the skin-related benefits associated with the rose quartz. Social media and internet influencers are not the only advocates of this crystal.

Professionals from various backgrounds related to the skincare industry use the crystal or claim their clients’ benefits by using rose quartz regularly. This product is not a myth, and various studies reveal the benefits people are getting from this product, and the regular use enhances the tone and rejuvenation of the skin.

History of the Crystal

Throughout history, gems and crystals are believed to have magical powers which they impart through energies to the people who wear them.  Various gems and crystals are associated with different powers and energies.

The rose quartz is said to have the magical power to remove negative energies from the soul and provide them with love and positivity.

History of the Crystal

People believe that using rose quartz on your skin will provide you with positive energies, compassion, and healing. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the regular use of rose quartz will impart you healing, rejuvenation, and radiant glow.

In Indian history and Chinese civilizations jams and crystals have always enjoyed imparting energies to the bearers. The rose quartz has been the most powerful agent in providing you with positive energy, love, and compassion.

Both the civilizations pay homage to the rose quartz, and the healing properties made this crustal an integral part of their culture. The healing power and skin rejuvenation have made skin specialists look deep into utilizing rose quartz for skincare needs.

According to the cultural beliefs, the rose quartz has the ability to sustain themselves throughout centuries, and they have their own spirit, which helps them survive and let the bearer thrive in love, compassion, and healing from physical or emotional wounds.

History of BeautyBio

Jamie O’Banion used to work in the laboratory with her father. The fake ingredients and false claims of the manufacturers broke her heart, and she decided to make a company in 2011.

Her time during the lab-made her explores the prestigious brands and how limited they were in providing active ingredients in their products. She realized that the manufacturers are doing this practice just to save the cost of the product and earn more profit.

History of BeautyBio

She, along with her father, has given many bestselling formulas to the skincare industry. But after witnessing the false claims and hidden secrets of the industry, they decided to come up with beauty line products.

Their focus was on providing the customer with transparent ingredient skincare products. The first micro-needling tool was invented in 2016, and the company reached the apex of success in the industry.

BeautyBio has been providing the most remarkable products with transparency in the ingredients. The number of active ingredients and clinically proven results is the resolution of the company that offers the customer to get clinically proven results at their home by using the clean beauty products from BeautyBio.

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller

The BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller has rose quartz on both ends. The stone is imported from Brazil to give you the most sustainably harvested stone that is safe to use on your face and other body areas.

The rose quartz are attached to the handle, which is designed in the most ergonomic shape. There are two rose quartz on this roller. The wider rose quartz material is there to use on the face.

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller

It also helps to spread the serums and creams on the face and body. And the narrow stone is there to be used on the eye area.

The massaging will increase blood circulation, and the rose quartz will help the skin to get a radiant glow and soft skin. The stone remains cool at normal room temperature, and the best practice is to use it with cold water or after placing it in the refrigerator.

The rose quartz will provide de-puffing to the skin, and the heat radiation from the skin will help you sustain more benefits from the serums and creams you use with it.

When you have inflammation on your skin, the cold stone will make the skin fight from the sores, and elevated lymphatic drainage will help your skin get the natural glow and mitigated dark circles.

Rose Quartz Benefits

The active ingredients in the rose quartz allow the stone to provide you with various skincare benefits. The rose quartz is proven to provide a remedy in puffiness and fine lines.

Rose Quartz Benefits

The rollers provide the users with elasticity at the same time the roller provides firmness to the skin, and you get the most out of it with regular use.

The rose quartz roller comes with a dual tip usage design. On one end, there is a larger stone that can be used to rub it on the face and other body areas. The roller increase blood circulation, and active ingredients allow your pores to get the firmness and elasticity you always covet to attain the natural radiance and glow.

On the other end of the roller, there is a small stone that can be used to roll it under the eyes and sensitive skin areas. You must avoid rolling the rose quartz on open wounds, abrasions, and moles.


When you wake up early in the morning, the puffiness under the eyes will make you feel tired and weak. With the help of the small stone on the roller, you can get rid of this puffiness, and your face will look fresh and glowing.


The best practice is to cool down the stone with the help of cold water or refrigerate it. You will feel wide awake with natural-looking beautiful eyes.

Soothes inflammation

When you wake up in the morning, the inflammation on your face makes you look fat, and the inflammation also keeps your skin stretched for hours. This stretched skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

If you don’t take care of thins inflammation, the results will be older-looking skin which could also fall prey to sagging. The rose quartz roller provides gentler massage to your skin, and the mild rubbing allows your muscles to get relaxed, and all the stiffness and inflammation eases off.

Most of the time, when your face has inflammation, there are high chances of accumulation under your skin. With the help of a roller,, the massage allows you to get rid of the stiffness and inflation. With regular use, you get vibrant skin that keeps you fresh and healthy.

Increased blood circulation

When there are patches on yr, skin or there are areas that are tanner than the rest of the face, this is the sign that your skin on the face has been a victim of obstructed blood circulation.

Increased blood circulation

There are very small capillaries on your face, and when they get pressed, there are high chances that the blood will start collecting, and the obstruction will make the skin develop some problems and issues.

This obstructed blood flow results in some severe skin infections and skin-related diseases. There are few cases in which the obstructed blood flow resulted in skin cancer.

The rose quartz roller helps your skin resume the blood circulation in all the capillaries on the face and all the other parts of your body. The mineral on the stone helps you sustain vibrancy and a natural glow.

Reduces fine lines

Fine lines on your face are the result of muscles getting lose, and the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin pave the way for the fine lines to get permanent on the skin.

Reduces fine lines

There are various other factors associated with the creation of fine lines as extended exposure to the sun, pollution, and an unhealthy diet. Once your skin has developed fine lines, they become stubborn, and forcing them away becomes extremely difficult.

But with the help of rose quartz, you can use serum sand creams to make them reach the lower levels of your skin. The massaging with the stone and serums will increase the collagen and elastin regeneration that will decrease the fine line creation on your face.

The roller also helps your skin for warding off the creation of new fine lines on the skin and the face, and other sensitive areas of your skin.

Better skincare absorption

Rubbing your hands and finger on your skin to make the serums and creams dive deep into your skin will create various skin-related problems and diseases.

When you use your hands, the sweat, moisture, and bacteria on your fingers and palm will find the way to the deep pores of your skin and create infection or blister on your face and other parts of your body.

Better skincare absorption

Washing your hands before applying the serums or skin care products is a good idea, but you cannot ensure sterilization of the fingers and hands at home.

The use of rose quartz stone to spread skincare on your skin is getting more and more popular. The roller allows you to rub the skin and the pores will open and allow the products to pass the epidermis and reach the lower levels of the skin for better absorption.

When the skincare products are absorbed in the skin fully, the active ingredients will work miracles, and you will get wonderful results.

Helps drain toxins

Pollution and unhealthy food make your pores accumulate toxins and harmful chemicals. This accumulation is the right recipe for blisters and pimples on your skin. These inflammations will lead to infection and serious health care issues.

Helps drain toxins

The best way to ward of this accumulation is to use the rose quartz roller and get rid of the toxins in your skin which has just started the accumulation process in the cells and deep down pores. The stone will provide energy to the cells and increases blood flow in the capillaries, will help your skin detox itself, and you will get young-looking vibrant skin.

How to use Rose Quartz Roller

1.The best practice is to cool down the stone by refrigerating it or submerging it into the cold water.

2.Now take the serum or cream you want to use and pour it on the roller.

3.Now for the face, start gentle massage towards the ears from the center.

4.The next maneuver should be from ears all the way down to the jawline.

5.Use the same half-circle downward motion on your torso and other body parts to apply the skincare products and rejuvenate your skin.

6.You must always wash the roller after every use for a safe and hygienic product that will stay by your side for some extended time and help you attain vibrant-looking skin through the bacteria-free roller.

Wrapping up

The BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller is the most talked-about product on the internet. And the people who want the skincare products absorbed in their skin without using their hands love this roller’s performance with the various types of skincare products.

On the other hand, the rose quartz stone is a complete remedy itself for various skin-related issues and problems. The regular massage of this roller reduces puffiness and inflammation on your skin.

Regular use daily will increase the blood flow on your face, which will increase collagen and elastin production, and you will get wrinkle-free skin with a natural glow and vibrancy.

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