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Top 10 Best Serum for Oily Skin Reviews 2021

Many of us struggle with the T-zone area on our face that becomes too oily and sticky during humidity. Happily, the skincare professionals have introduced some high-quality and the best face serums for oily skin to address the issue.

A serum is the best cure to prevent excessive oil and acne breakouts, the two leading problems that every person with oily or a combination skin suffers from.

Serums come in different packaging and formulation. Some are creamy in texture, while others have aqua-based formulation. Some come in a dispenser bottle, whereas some brands have preferred a serum bottle with a dropper.

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Choosing the best one seems to be a dilemma when you don’t know how to start with. Well, don’t get perplexed since we’re here to say good-bye to all your worries.

After digging through thousands of customer’s reviews and experiences, we have come up with the 10 best face serums for oily skin that are worth buying.

We have also compiled a buying guide that will help you decide how to make a wise purchase. So without further ado, let’s indulge in it.

List of Top 10 Outstanding Face Serum for Oily Skin Product Reviews in 2021

01 – REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Oil

REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Oil

Review: –

The REN Omega 3 Oil is a serum-cum-facial oil. Its texture is oily but is never greasy and oily though. Saturated with Omega 3 fatty acid, this one will work out to rejuvenate your skin from within.

The Ren has named this product after Omega3 fatty acid with a proven history of fighting against inflammation and fine lines. Only two drops of this oil will create an instant glow and radiance on your skin.

Omega3 fatty acid is remarkable for slowing down the process of aging. It has Camelina Sativa Seed oil and Plankton; both ingredients are a rich source of fatty acids.

By regularly massaging your skin with the REN Vita Mineral oil, you can keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Therefore, having supple and smooth skin is not merely wishful thinking if you use this serum regularly.

This oil has no artificial scents and is 100% vegan. If you are looking for a serum that leaves a very natural aroma and scent behind on your skin after application, this one is what you are after.

Along with all these impeccable features, it has impressive pump dispenser packaging. Just by pushing the dispenser once, you can have an ample amount of oil for application.

We hope that Ren would switch this older packaging with a better dropper packaging so that the users can only have the two or three drops required for the application.


  • It’S Armed With 100% Cruelty-Free Ingredients.
  • A Vegan Facial Serum.
  • Paraben-Free Ingredients.
  • 30 Ml. Of Product Is Packed In Its Container.
  • Keeps skin moisturized and firm.
  • Reduces darker skin and keeps skin glow.
  • The packaging is prone to leakage.

02- Belif Hungarian Water Essence

Belif Hungarian Water Essence

Review: –

Want to give your skin an instant glowing boost? Or want to revive its lost firmness and suppleness? Well, this one from the Belif is an extraordinary serum that will keep your skin hydrated without costing you an arm and a leg.

Quite the opposite to our earlier-mentioned product, this one remains oil-free and never creates a flimsy layer on your skin.

Yet this one packs a powerful formula capable of moisturizing and hydrating your skin 20% more than any average face serum formula.

Apart from being oil-free, this one remains ultra-lightweight when you apply this serum to your skin. It penetrates through your skin flawlessly and fights against free radicals.

So say goodbye to aging, inflammation, dark spots, and blemishes by regularly applying this serum to your skin.

What makes this serum unique from its contenders is its compatibility with all skin types. No matter if you have oily, dry, normal, or combination skin, this one is your go-to.

This serum prides itself on remaining free of mineral oils, artificial fragrances, preservatives, and animal origin ingredients. So this product needs your attention if you are looking for powerful, natural, and anti-rash serum.

Like the REN Omega 3 oil, this one also comes in a dispenser bottle. Just by pushing the head of the bottle, you will get a decent amount of the serum for application.

Added to this, the bottle has a mini cap to prevent the serum from spilling. The decent size of the packaging just fits into your travel bag and takes very little space.


  • An Aqua-Based Formulation For Keeping Skin Hydrated.
  • Each Bottle Contains 75 Ml Of Product.
  • It Has 0% Mineral Oil Traces And 0% Animal Origin Ingredients.
  • It is a lightweight serum that never becomes sticky to your skin.
  • Deep hydration for making skin smoother from inside.
  • Ideal for every skin type and is easy-to-apply.
  • An exorbitant serum that may never fit your pocket.

03 – Glo Skin Beauty Renew Serum

Glo Skin Beauty Renew Serum

Review: –

Getting a blemish-free porcelain face is no more a dream if you give this serum a must-try. If your skin is prone to turning red or breaking out, this one is the most gentle and hydrating serum with long-lasting results.

The renew serum formula is for those with uneven skin texture or whose skin is fragile for acne breakouts. Having Retinol, glycolic acid, and Salicylic Acid, this mild exfoliation improves the texture of your skin.

Not only it improves the skin, but it also cleans and purifies your skin from impurities such as dirt and pollution.

We vouch for the reliability of this product since it has been an award-winning serum of 2018. You can get visible results and see the difference by getting clearer, smoother, more refined, and stronger skin than before.

This serum is one of the best choices for every skin type ranging from dry to combination. But if your skin is susceptible, you may need to ask your dermatologist before using it to prevent irritation and harmful results.

Overall, the serum is one of the best of its kind and worth buying.


  • Paraben-Free Serum Formula.
  • Retinol, Glycolic Acid, And Salicylic Acid For Treating And Healing Oily Skin.
  • 1.0 Fl Oz. Serum.
  • Brightens and clarifies skin.
  • Reduces pores size.
  • Great serum for multiple skin concerns, especially anti-wrinkle.
  • Not for susceptible skin since it combines Retinol and Glycolic acid in its formulation.

04 – Glo Skin Beauty Daily Hydration

Glo Skin Beauty Daily Hydration

Review: –

If you are looking for a stalwart of your beauty care regimen, then this one is for you. Without getting your skin oily, this one keeps your skin hydrated by locking in the moisture.

Not only this keeps your skin hydrated, but it also nourishes your skin to make it more elastic and smoother.

You don’t require to overdo the product to retain the best results. Only a small amount is needed and would go for a longer run. This also implies that the product would last longer than expected.

Another welcome feature of this serum is its efficiency in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. So without causing irritation or dryness, this serum will fight against transepidermal water loss.

For achieving the best results, you can apply this serum before your moisturizer. Or the results get doubled when you apply it after a Vitamin c serum.

The packaging is also impressive, and each bottle contains 1.0 Fl oz. Serum. With a dropper, you can only get the drops you exactly need to apply to your skin. So no more spilling or leakage problems that you may have to experience with a pumping-style serum.


  • High Levels Of Water-Binding Humectants.
  • Comes In Dropper-Style Packaging.
  • 1.0 Fl Oz. Serum.
  • Restores skin’s suppleness.
  • Keeps skin hydrated for longer.
  • Long-lasting visible results.
  • It contains Phenoxyethanol that may irritate your skin and eyes or may cause blistering on the skin.

05 – Osmosis Skincare Restorative Facial Oil

Osmosis Skincare Restorative Facial Oil

Review: –

Serving with a cause of restoring beauty and wellness to the users, Osmosis lives up to its incredible products. Its Restorative Facial oil is a high-quality serum that will deliver you far-fetched results.

This formula surrounds non-toxic and clinically proven targeted nutrients. Each ingredient not only transforms your skin but also revives the lost glory and vitality.

You will get clearer and dewy skin; that’s the promise of Osmosis skincare restorative facial oil.

It combines Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil that have anti-inflammatory properties. By healing the inflammation on the skin, it preserves the blooming radiance of your face.

For dry and damaged skin, this facial oil is a lifesaver. This oil has the capabilities of curing and healing your skin from inside and outside.

In addition to this, the natural oil in the formula keeps your skin wrinkle-free and makes your skin more youthful than ever before.

With this, Osmosis Restorative facial oil is non-sticky as it will never give you a greasy or tacky feel. It instantly absorbs into your skin and keeps your face hydrated and super soft all day.

Features: –

  • Gluten-Free Ingredients.
  • Lemon-Scented Serum For Fresh And Nice Aroma.
  • Non-Toxic Serum And Have Nature-Approved Ingredients.
  • Great for replenishing skin.
  • Antioxidant properties for healing the skin.
  • Keeps skin soft and hydrated.
  • Packaging needs to be improved.

06 – Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum

Review: –

Joanna Vergas, a skincare specialist, has made sure to introduce a premium quality serum that will deliver you enduring results. This serum hydrates as well as nourishes your skin to give you a flawless look.

This serum also needs your attention since it will give your skin an instant glowing boost. A mixture of 100% pure plant oils, this facial oil keeps your face hydrated and moisturized.

You can get smoother and glowing skin even when you use this product sparingly on your face.

Another remarkable feature of this facial oil is its quality to do wonders for every skin type. Since it has Argan oil and Olive oil as its base ingredients, it also wards off fine lines and wrinkles.

Who would not adore having brighter skin? This serum is a perfect bae for those perfectionists who are striving to get brighter and clearer skin with no traces of blemishes, acne outbreaks, and spots.

Apart from being the best face serum for oily skin, it also works wonders by removing free radicles. You can wear this serum all day long on your face, even under your makeup, without leaving any greasy feeling.


  • 1 0Z. Serum.
  • Paraben-Free Facial Serum.
  • 5 Oils Make This Serum A Powerhouse Of Quality.
  • Pumping Dispenser Spray.
  • It keeps skin hydrated.
  • It fights against cell mutation and anti-aging.
  • It is suitable for every skin type.
  • The container quality is not very high.

07- H2O+ Hydration Oasis

H2O+ Hydration Oasis

Review: –

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows the importance of hydration for body and skin by the time. Without the required amount of moisture and hydration, you and your skin will be in a terrible mess.

But hold on, this serum by H2O+ is the best bet that will keep your skin retain its moisture. This one is a real game-changer for dehydrated skin as it will make your skin plumper and suppler.

While leaving a fresh and clean smell, its scent never lingers on. Added to this, it doesn’t have a greasy or oily feeling on the skin as it perfectly sinks into your skin.

What makes this serum so unique among its contenders is its proprietary hydro-amino acid formulation technology. The 5 amino acids coupled with water technology and chamomile extract function to restore your skin its required hydration and health.

Not only it boosts your skin’s glow, but it also has the properties of healing your skin. Apple Stem cell and Japanese cider bud extracts are the two ingredients that work in this dimension.

Besides, the formula has a milky texture that remains lightweight when you apply the serum to your face. This serum smoothly glides on your skin and gives your face an instant radiance and vibrant texture.


  • It’S Paraben, Mineral, And Synthetic Fragrance-Free Oil.
  • It Has A Triple Strength Action.
  • Each Bottle Contains 30 Ml Of Serum.
  • It remains lightweight and is a non-sticky milky serum.
  • It keeps skin hydrated for longer.
  • It’s great and long-lasting results.
  • It’s somehow an expensive serum.

08- Caudalie Vinopure Anti-Blemish Mission Set

Caudalie Vinopure Anti-Blemish Mission Set

Review: –

For acne-prone or oily skin, this one has aced many other products in the market. Never being too greasy or slippery, this one leaves no traces behind on your face and seamlessly matches your skin.

Coming to its efficacy, this serum has proven itself. It keeps your skin hydrated and revives its suppleness to the maximum.

Since this serum is not sold separately, you have to buy the whole set with three different skincare products; cleanser, toner, and serum. But don’t worry! Since every product of this set is great in its way and enhances the glow and radiance of your face.

All three products smell great too. So if you are done with strong and staunch fragrances, then be happy because this gives you a clean and fresh smell.

If you are struggling with an acne outbreak very frequently or your skin is prone to redness and irritation, or you have uneven skin texture, this product will end all these skin concerns.

Talking about its serum, this one is thick and oily, though, yet it minimizes the large pores of your skin and removes imperfections.


  • It’S A 3-In-1 Skincare Set.
  • It’S A Plant-Origin Oil Formulation.
  • It Remains Non-Comedogenic Formula.
  • It Is An Oil-Based Serum.
  • It makes a face radiant and glowing.
  • It’s ideal for all skin types.
  • It never causes irritation and redness on the skin.
  • Due to its oil texture, the serum may not provide your skin enough hydration.

09 – Meaningful Beauty Firming Serum

Meaningful Beauty Firming Serum

Review: –

Meaningful Beauty serum is acing other serums because of its youth-enhancing properties. To preserve youth is undoubtedly a meaningful endeavor, and the brand has gone overboard to introduce some high-quality skincare products.

This firming serum by Meaningful beauty is an oil-free formula that keeps your face, neck, and eye skin firmer and youthful.

The double-action formula of this powerful serum surrounds antioxidants to fight against harmful free radicles.

All the vital ingredients of this serum serve their particular function and enhance the elasticity of your skin.

Apart from making your face, neck, and eye skin firmer, this one has authentic results for improving your skin tone.

Further to all these qualities, this formula is super-lightweight and never creates stickiness on your skin. The serum penetrates through your skin effortlessly and never gives you any artificial glow.

What’s more, this serum is reliable since it has backed up this product by providing a 60days exchange guarantee. Feel free to exchange the product with the same item if you find any issue with the product.


  • It Contains Hyaluronic Acid.
  • It Comes In A 0.5 Fl Oz. Packaging.
  • It’S A Water-Based Formula And An Oil-Free Serum.
  • It Comes In A Pumping Dispenser Style.
  • It fights against premature aging.
  • It is lightweight and non-sticky.
  • It makes skin supple and smooth.
  • It works great only for super oily skin.

10 – Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Hydration Cream

Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Hydration Cream

Review: –

Unlike a regular and standard serum, this one is a hydration cream with all the hidden traits you expect from a high-quality serum.

This conditioning hydration cream is ideal for oily skin as it tones out uneven skin and brightens up your skin complexion.

If you’re a lactating mother, the chances are severe that your face gets dehydrated quickly. So in such a situation, this creamy serum will lock in the moisture and retain the hydration to keep your skin fresher and smoother.

The antioxidant-rich formula is great for all skin types and triggers no irritation and soreness. You can apply the product even twice a day to achieve high-end goals.

This serum contains Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to reduce inflammation and any sore symptoms from your face.

With Soy Isoflavones, this product prevents signs of premature aging and keeps your skin more youthful. By promoting collagen level, it gives your skin the elasticity needed.

Another standout key ingredient of this serum is its alpha-Lipoic acid that is capable of reducing free radicles. So healing and nourishing both are the outcome you may get by using this amazing serum for oily skin.


  • It Is An Antioxidant-Rich Formula And 100% Paraben-Free.
  • It Has Non-Greasy Properties And Is Made In The Usa.
  • It’s ideal for combination and balanced skin.
  • It prevents dryness and keeps skin hydrated.
  • The packaging has a faulty pump that may break quickly.

Buying Guide to Purchase Best Serum for Oily Skin  

The market is saturated with tons of serums for oily skin and navigating them is rather frustrating. Here, we have tried to bring down essential pointers that you may need to select the one that fits your needs.

Keep on reading to make an informed choice!

01 – Difference between face serum and moisturizers

The first thing comes first. You would be surprised to know that moisturizer and serum may share similar ingredients, yet both are different in nature.

A serum works on your skin’s from below while moisturizer nourishes the top layer of your skin.

A serum is typically a water-based formula, while a moisturizer is a creamy and oil-based formula.

You can apply a serum beneath your moisturizer, but the results vanish when you try to apply serum over your moisturized skin.

So a serum itself will heal your skin from both sides: inside as well as outside. Therefore, dermatologists are emphasizing using a serum to achieve firmer and smoother skin.

02 – Knowing Your Skin

Skin type is the most crucial factor in determining which serum will work best for your skin concerns. The products are not bad, but the results worsen if you apply the wrong product for a certain skin type.

So make sure to know if your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or acne-prone. Then go for buying the product that is specifically formulated to treat your skin type.

03 – Look for Essential Ingredients

This is another primary consideration that needs your attention before you buy a serum. The serum having key ingredients glycolic acid, Retinol, and salicylic acid will go well with oily skin.

Likewise, if your skin is ultra-dry, then a serum with mild exfoliation properties will be an ideal chase.

04 – Try The Tester

Thankfully, you can have testers or samples to check if a certain serum provides you the longer results or not.

You should always try to invest in a sample product, if available, to avoid harmful results. This way, you can also save your hard-earned money.

We recommend you not to buy into the hype. The packaging and brand campaign is the easy traps that people usually fall prey to. But remember, all that glitters is not gold, which is true and applicable when you’re looking for a top-quality serum.

05 – Consider Your Budget

The budget is the prerequisite whenever you shop for a certain item. When compared with other skincare products, facial serums are somewhat more expensive. The credit goes to the high-quality ingredients and the advanced technology to formulate a unique blend of skin-friendly products.

But fortunately, some serums are cost-effective and still are best in producing great results.

Since most of the serums don’t require daily application, so it’s a one-time investment for the whole 6-8 months.

So if you buy a serum, rest assure to use it for at least 6 months. It means we can say that serums are not as expensive facial products as it considers to be.

06 – Ask your dermatologist

Show your wisdom and never fall in even for serum from the most reputed brand. You should always your dermatologist to let you decide which serum will best suit your skin needs.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Serum for Oily Skin

01- Which Serum Is The Best For Oily Skin?

Ideally, a serum that has strong antioxidant properties is the best for oily skin. A serum with humectants and niacinamide will benefit oily skin.

02- Can I Use An Oil-Based Serum For Oily Skin?

Yes, you can until they form an emollient residue behind them. A serum with hyaluronic acid is great for hydrating oily skin since it will never create stickiness or grease on your skin.

03- Does Serum Cause Acne or Pimples?

 You may have to experience the worst results, such as acne or pimples, if you apply the wrong serum to your skin type. Be cautious and always apply the serum your dermatologist has prescribed to attain the best and enduring results.

Final Thoughts: –

If you’re like me and don’t know which is the best face serum for oily skin, this article will enlighten you. By choosing the right serum for your skin type, you are bound to get long-lasting results.

We also recommend you incorporate a serum as a part of your skincare regimen to make a visible difference. Never overdo the application and always stick to the instructions to obtain the optimal results.

Always bear in mind that serums are concentrated and may cause skin irritation or allergies. So do a patch test before making it a ritual for your skincare routine.

We hope that this article will suffice your needs and will help you find the right serum for your oily skin.

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