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Best Facial Cleansing Brushes for sensitive skin: FOREO Luna 3 Review 2021

Do you want to get the best facial cleansing brush without a traditional brush head?

If yes, you should learn about the Foreo Luna facial cleansing brush,specially designed for sensitive skin.

You must have seen so many influential people and blogs on the Internet, reviewing the FOREO LUNA cleansing brushes. And I’m pretty sure, by looking at all the positive reviews, you must really want to buy a facial cleansing brush.

The latest product of this brand is FOREO LUNA 3. This is a facial cleansing brush that can deep clean by removing makeup and dirt in just 1 minute. Whether you are going to the gym, going out with friends, or just spending a relaxing evening at home, what better feeling than shaking clear and transparent skin?

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FOREO’s latest equipment can help you achieve this goal. LUNA 3’s app navigation facial massage and cleansing functions combine the absolute best in skincare and technology.

Is it actually worth investing your money in FOREO cleaning brushes? Just check following our reviews.

Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

What is a FOREO LUNA 3?

If you don’t know this beautiful little device, where have you been? It is spread all over Instagram, and the facial cleansing brush is the world’s first in the field of skincare because it is the first device on the market that can provide deep cleansing and firming massage together with the app!

The Swedish brand has 20 million FOREO fans worldwide, and one unit is sold every two seconds. The Swedish brand took the world by storm and had to open a new factory to meet demand.

Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

Best Facial Cleansing Brushes: Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

As a person with sensitive skin and acne-prone, I am always wary of trying new skincare tools to avoid causing more irritation to my skin. I have heard the great news about Foreo, but I don’t think my skin can bear it until I found out that the brand has designed a gentle brush specifically for sensitive skin.

Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

When I first used Luna 3 for sensitive skin, I was happy about two things. Firstly, the silicone bristles and vibrations are gentle enough to not aggravate my skin (there have been cracked and dry spots a few times, which is pleasing!), and secondly, this is the first time in a while that I really feel my skin washed off my face After creaking clean. After using it, my face also looks brighter, more awake, and fine lines reduced (presumably due to pulsation).

Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to controlling the device only through Bluetooth-connected apps. I personally prefer to be able to adjust the settings on the Luna 3 without placing the phone next to the bathroom sink (not getting wet), but I do appreciate the high-tech design of the Foreo system.

Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

Although I haven’t noticed any immediate changes in the texture of my skin, it is safe to assume (just like with any quality skincare product) that after starting a new treatment, continuous use and patience are required to see the real changes in the skin.

Specifications: If you have used Foreo before, you already know that they specialize in silicone face brushes. The latest model, Luna 3, is specially designed for sensitive skin types. Its bristles are 25% softer and 30% longer than the Luna 2 model.

Pair it with the Foreo app via your phone’s Bluetooth to customize your 60-second routine with 16 device strengths. In addition, the convex ridge on the back of the device can be used to provide a relaxing massage to your face to help tighten the skin.

Key point: When I said that my face became soft after using it only once after showering, I would not feel out of breath. Foreo’s entry-level option itit-bitty Play starts at $39, so although investing in the latest model is a considerable investment, honestly, it makes me really look forward to using it in the shower and pampering my skin afterwards.

Luna 3 uses cleaning brushes to solve my biggest problem: sometimes, they sometimes feel like I am scrubbing my face with bare hair. Trust me-this is a luxurious beauty tool, and you won’t regret putting it at the top of your 2021 wish list.

Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin


  • -soft bristles
  • -Gentle cleaning
  • -Excellent application to use with the device
  • -Live chat is actually effective and responsive
  • -2 years warranty


  • Few color options
Foreo Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

How to use it?

As a first-time user, you need to connect it with the FOREO app via Bluetooth to unlock the FOREO LUNA 3 facial brush.
Wet your face, apply your favorite cleanser to LUNA 3, then press the “Start” button twice.
Slide LUNA 3 in a circular motion on the face until the built-in timer turns it off.
Rinse LUNA 3, pat your face gently, and then continue daily skincare.


This facial brush has a 2-year warranty, it only takes 1 minute to deeply cleanse the skin, leaving your skin glowing, soft, and supple. This will definitely reduce your monthly expenses in the reception room or skincare solutions. Although it is expensive, it is worth the investment, because, in the long run, it will definitely reduce your expenses when visiting the living room! Hope you enjoy reading the review of FOREO LUNA 3.

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