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Himitsu Weight Loss Patches Reviews 2023

Does losing weight seem like a herculean task to you?

Have you unsuccessfully tried various products for weight loss?

If yes, we understand that you might be skeptical about every weight loss product. Instead of just believing the sales page of a weight loss product, it is a good idea to conduct proper due diligence.

We will today highlight the perfect weight loss product. We are speaking about the Himitsu Weight Loss Patches. Our Himitsu Weight Loss Patch review will go into every aspect of this weight loss patch. Let us look at its details to understand more about it.

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Himitsu Weight Loss Patches Reviews:

The popularity of weight loss patches has led to many options available these days. Consequently, before choosing a weight loss patch, it is essential to understand why Himitsu Weight Loss Patch stands out among these. Before we go into the features that help this weight loss patch stand out, let us look at exactly what it is so that you have a good enough idea regarding the same.

What is Himitsu Weight Loss Patch?

The Himitsu Weight Loss Patch is a patch that you need to apply on your skin. It comes with a skin-friendly adhesive, which allows you to stick it on your skin easily. Once you do so, the natural ingredients of this weight loss patch will help you lose weight. Apart from fixing it on your skin, you do not have to do anything else. It is the beauty of this weight loss patch.

The best thing about Himitsu Weight Loss Patch is that it is easy to use. Moreover, you will not have to modify your schedule to use it either. Apart from this, there are quite a few advantages of this weight loss patch, which help it stand out. We will now delve into details of every feature of this patch below.

Features of Himitsu Weight Loss Patch:

  • 1. Natural ingredients
  • 2. Certified Patch
  • 3. Passive use
  • 4. Versatile
  • 5. Aids the metabolic process
  • 6. Improves blood circulation
  • 7. Toxin elimination

• Natural ingredients:

When you’re opting for any weight loss product, it is essential to look at its contents and ingredients. Only once you look at them, you can decide whether it is safe to use on.

The good news is that Himitsu Weight Loss Patch consists of only natural ingredients. Particularly, the ingredients include natural minerals and essential oils. Natural minerals are beneficial for your body. Similarly, the essentials oils also benefit your digestive system and have various other benefits.

The confluence of these ingredients ensures that this weight loss patch is entirely safe to use. The natural ingredients also ensure that you can use this weight loss patch irrespective of your current health. Thus, the natural ingredients certainly provide it with an advantage.

• Certified Patch:

Still have doubts about this weight loss patch?

If yes, you will be happy to know that JASSO and NCBI certify it. Both these certifications ensure that the weight loss patch is entirely safe to use.

When you compare it with various other weight loss products, you will realize that these organizations certify not all of them. It means that this weight loss patch has undergone detailed scrutiny. Only after thorough scrutiny and examinations, these organizations certify any product.

The certifications certainly inspire a lot of confidence in the weight loss patch.

• Passive use:

Many individuals find it challenging to use weight loss products. Many weight loss products require you to modify your schedule to use them. The problem is if it takes a lot of effort to use the weight loss products, sooner or later, you might lose interest in them.

However, with this weight loss patch, you will face no such problem.

The passive use mechanism of this weight loss patch makes it easy to use. You can apply it to any part of your body. It sticks to your body part. You need to apply them over the body part with fat deposition for the best effect.

After that, you have to just let it be for 5 hours to 7 hours. You can continue with your work during that time.

You have to use this weight loss by just 3 to 4 times a week. Moreover, the ideal time to use this weight loss patch is during night time.

In a nutshell, when using this weight loss patch, you need not modify your schedule. It is a passive weight loss patch.

Irrespective of your busy schedule, you can easily use this weight loss patch due to its passive nature. The fact that the patches are easy to use certainly makes it much better than other weight loss solutions.

• Versatile:

Another advantage of this weight loss patch is that it is highly versatile. It is versatile in 2 different ways.

Firstly, you can apply to any part of your body. If you notice excess fat on your thighs, you can apply it to your thighs. Similarly, if you notice excessive fat on your stomach, you can apply it to your stomach. You can apply it on any part of body to reduce fat, which makes it one of the most versatile weight loss solutions you can go with.

Secondly, it is suitable for men as well as women. Anyone can use it. As long as you’re over the age of 18, you can use it. Not only that, since it consists of natural ingredients, but you also will not have to worry about side effects either. It is versatile in its applications as well.

The dual versatility of this weight loss patch certainly makes it much more effective than your average weight loss product.

• Aids metabolic process:

By now, you might be curious and wondering about the working process of these weight loss patches.

Worry not! We will explain that below.

The unique combination of essential oils and natural minerals aids the metabolic process in your body. When the metabolism accelerates, the digestion process speeds up. In that case, the extraction of nutrients happens at a faster pace. When the extraction of the nutrients takes place effectively, the fat deposition also reduces. Consequently, the rate of new fat deposition in your body will go down.

Additionally, the fast metabolic process also breaks down the fat cells in the body. When that happens, the new fat deposition rate goes down, and current fat content goes down. The dual-pronged approach of this weight loss patch ensures you lose weight at a faster pace.

As you can see, there is research and science behind the working of the weight loss patch. It is not a gimmick. With such effectiveness, you cannot ignore this weight loss patch.

• Improves blood circulation:

The weight loss benefits of this patch have been highlighted above. However, there are other benefits to this patch as well. The primary among them is the improvement in blood circulation. To some, this might seem inconsequential. However, it is a significant benefit.

The improved blood circulation ensures that all the nutrients reach various parts of the body. It increases the oxygen supply to different parts of the body as well. The increased oxygen supply uplifts your energy levels. It is easier for you to remain energetic throughout the day.

The excellent blood circulation also rejuvenates your skin. You can fight signs of aging as well. You will not have to resort to the use of cosmetic procedures for the same.

Additionally, the improved blood circulation to the digestive system means that it functions more appropriately. You will not have to worry about excessive fat deposition or undigested food. Problems like constipation can be tackled in a much better way as well.

When you look at all of these benefits, it is easy to understand why this additional benefit of the weight loss patch is such a good choice.

• Toxin elimination:

The accumulation of toxins in the body will lead to weight increase. Moreover, the toxin accumulation impacts your metabolic activity and the digestive system. As toxins go on accumulating, the metabolic activity slows down more and more. In a nutshell, if you do not do anything about toxins, they will lead to exponential weight increase.

The best thing about this weight loss patch is that it helps the metabolic system and the digestive system remove these toxins from the body. Once these toxins are removed, you will feel lighter and more energetic.

The toxin elimination certainly can benefit you in more ways than one.

As you can see, the advantages of this weight loss patch are plenty. In fact, it can improve your health and physique in more ways than one.

Now that you are well-aware of the features of this weight loss patch, let us understand how you can use it.

How to use Himitsu Weight Loss Patch?

The procedure to use Himitsu Weight Loss Patch is relatively simple. You can do use them in simple steps. These include:

  • 1. You have to apply the patch on your skin. You can apply it over any part of your body.
  • 2. Once you apply it, you have to let it be for up to 7 hours.
  • 3. During the 7 hours, you have to make sure that the patch or the skin beneath it does not get wet.
  • 4. You have to remove it after 7 hours. After that, you cannot use that very patch.
  • 5. You have to use up to 4 patches a week.

In these five simple steps, you can use these patches. At the start, it might seem like something is attached to your skin. However, the more you use these patches that feeling will diminish. After a while, you won’t even notice that there is a patch attached to your skin. In a nutshell, using these patches is actually quite easy.

How to increase the effectiveness of these patches?

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of these patches further?

If yes, there are a few things which you can do. We will highlight these below so that you can gain the most from these patches.

1. Use these patches on dry skin:

The 1st step which you can follow is to use them on clean and dry skin. If the skin is wet, the patches will not remain in place. Similarly, if the skin consists of any impurities or contaminants, the effectiveness of the patches will reduce.

Wet skin can also mean that adhesive of the patches becomes ineffective. In that case, you might require to opt for using another patch. Wet skin will lead to a waste of patches. On the other, clean and dry skin will help you gain more benefits from these patches.

2. Apply these over the fatty area:

According to the instructions, you can apply these patches over any part of your body. However, for increased effectiveness, you need to apply them over fatty areas. These can be:

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • And so on

When you directly apply these patches over fatty areas, their effectiveness increases significantly. You can notice the results in just 3 to 4 weeks. If you apply them over any other part of the body, these patches will take longer to show results.

3. Aid these patches with the workout for quick results:

Many users opt for Himitsu Weight Loss Patch because it is passive use. While passive use will also provide you with great results, but there is a way to increase the effectiveness of these patches.

If you supplement these patches with workouts, you can burn fat at a faster pace. It is because not only these patches will help you burn fat but also your workout. It will become easy for you to tone various body parts as well.

You might be wondering which workout you should opt for?

Instead of going with high-intensity workouts, you can simply supplement this weight loss patch with the cardio workout. Cardio workouts are easy to execute and take little time. Therefore, supplementing this weight loss patch with cardio workouts can certainly help you burn a lot of fat.

4. Use patch only once:

The natural contents of the patch are essential oils and minerals. Their effectiveness reduces after a single-use. Hence, you have to use this patch only once. Moreover, the effectiveness of the adhesive of the patch also reduces after a single-use.

Even if you try to apply this patch for a second session, you might find it challenging to do so. That is why; you need to use a single patch once for the best results.

5. Do not prolong the session time:

Many users think that if they were longer session times of each patch, they would be able to lose weight faster. However, this is not true.

You need to use a single patch for just 5 to 7 hours. After that, the effectiveness of the patch reduces. Especially, the effectiveness of essential oils, many users think that by prolonging each session of the patch, they will be able to lose weight faster. However, this is not true.

The patch consists of essential oils. Essential oils are quick to evaporate but are highly effective. Even if you wear the patch for a long time, the essential oils will not help you out. It is because their life span is of 7 hours.

Due to this very reason, you should not prolong the session time. You should only stick to 7 hours per patch.

6. Use the patches consistently:

These patches are quite easy to use. Still, many people are not regular with the use of these patches. The problem is that if you do not use these every day, there will be fat deposition in your body. The next day, when you use them, the patch will have to first tackle that fat. In a nutshell, the overall progress will be at a standstill.

A much better approach is to use these patches daily. Only when you do so, you can witness the results in 2 to 3 weeks. Irregular use will diminish the effectiveness of these patches.

7. Use the patches during the night:

Do you feel that these patches will hamper your work?

If so, you can use these patches during the night. The advantage of using them throughout the night is that there will be no disturbance. Moreover, you will not even notice the patches when you’re sleeping. Since these are quite slim and sleek, they will not hamper any movement of your body. Due to this reason, if you want to use these patches effectively, you can use them during the night.

Moreover, using them during the night ensures that these patches do not hamper your daily schedule.

For example, if you plan to use them in the morning, you won’t be able to do so on days when you’re getting late. You might think that you might use these patches at a later time during the day.

However, our sleeping schedules are mostly uniform. Moreover, using them during sleep is the past of least resistance.

Consequently, the best way to use these patches regularly is to use them during your sleep. The unhindered session will also increase the effectiveness of these patches.

8. Store the patches at the appropriate place:

Inappropriate storage of the patches can reduce their effectiveness. That prompts the question, what is the best way to store these patches?

Firstly, the patches come with their packaging. You should try to store them in that packaging rather than another container.

Secondly, you should store them in a dry place. You should ensure that the humidity is on the lower side. Only then, the patches will retain the essential oils. If the essential oils evaporate before use, the effectiveness of the patches will decrease significantly.

You just need to follow these couple of tips if you want to store these patches appropriately. Once you do so, you can use them at your own pace quite easily.

Acting on these eight tips ensures that you can increase the effectiveness of these weight loss patches significantly.

With all that information available to you now, let us look at what exactly you get with these weight loss patches.

What comes along with Himitsu Weight Loss Patch?

The Himitsu Weight Loss Patch pack comes with a box of 30 pieces. The box is such that it makes it easy for you to use these weight loss patches. That’s it!

Is Himitsu Weight Loss Patch suitable for you?

Many consumers might have the question of whether these are suitable for them?

We will answer that question below.

The good news is that these weight loss patches are suitable for everyone. If you’re over the age of 18, you can certainly use these weight loss patches.

You might be thinking, what about individuals with sensitive skin?

The patches have undergone extensive research and testing. The patches are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin as well. The only requirement for using these patches is that you should not be allergic to essential oils or minerals. If you’re not allergic to them, you can certainly use these patches.

The versatility of these patches certainly makes them quite effective.

Now we will highlight the pros and cons of these patches to help you understand what sets them apart.

Pros & Cons of Himitsu Weight Loss Patch:

  • • Easy to use
  • • Pack of 30
  • • Natural ingredients
  • • Passive use
  • • Shows results in 2 to 3 weeks
  • • Multiple health benefits
  • • Suitable for anyone over 18
  • • Adhesive quality can be better

Himitsu and some of its alternatives

Here is the most awaited section of this article. This section includes the list of MintLyfe substitutes that stimulate, more or less the same results.

However, there are a few differences that add value to one of the products.

Let’s look at a few alternatives and compare them with the Himitsu patches to find a better and more reliable product suitable for your needs.

1. Neomen Weight Loss Sticker, Fat Burning Sticker with Magnets

Neomen Weight Loss Sticker, Fat Burning Sticker with Magnets

Neoman belly-slimming stickers are made to lose weight with the same mechanism as the Himitsu works.

Just remove the adhesive and place it over the navel. See quick results in a week or two.

This incredible weight loss strip also contains natural ingredients. They are like Aloe Vera, Rhubarb, Cassia Seed, peppermint, and so on.

These ingredients help to lose weight rapidly. They contain a unique magnetic ring in the middle of the patch that performs the required action.

Himitsu Versus Neoman Weight loss Patches

  • Neoman Weight loss patches have similar benefits but different ingredients.
  • This patch comes with a magnetic ring that is absent in Himitsu patches.
  • Neoman Weight loss patch is cheaper than the MintLyfe patches. It also has 50 stickers in a packet but available in a far cheaper price than the Himitsu.

2. Abdomen Weight Loss Navel Sticker for Fat loss by HURRISE

Abdomen Weight Loss Navel Sticker for Fat loss by HURRISE

It is a belly-slimming sticker that needs to be stuck to the naval to offer the best results.

It contains all the natural and beneficial herbs that stimulate weight loss and increase blood circulation.

It works with the body’s endocrine system and affects the glands that increase the rate of metabolism in your body.

Greater the rate of metabolism is, greater will be its capacity to burn fats.

It also increases blood circulation and removes the toxic substance from the body.

The pain-free and easy to use navel sticker has amazing benefits and fast results.

It shows results in a few weeks and comes at a very cheap price with three standard sizes of 30, 50, and 100 patches.

Himitsu Versus HURRISE abdomen weight loss sticker

  • HURRISE weight loss stickers come in three standard packages of 30, 50, and 100 Pcs.
  • It has a cheaper price than the Himitsu that is available at a higher price.
  • It works with the body’s endocrine system to induce metabolism.

3. Reejoys 30pcs weight loss sticker

Reejoys 30pcs weight loss sticker

They contribute to breaking fatty cells, carbohydrates, and sugars more rapidly.

This weight loss sticker is made up of all-natural botanical ingredients that show no side-effects.

These breathable stickers are easy to use and work well when placed on the naval. Leave the sticker from 8 to 12 hours and see effective results on the body fat.

They affect your health positively by improving metabolism, increasing blood circulation. They remove the toxins from your body.

The pack contains 30 stickers with almost the same price as Himitsu sticky patches. They are also easy to remove ad improves the overall health of your body.

Himitsu Versus Reejoys weight loss sticker

  • They come in the packet of 30 pcs only while Himitsu patches come in the pack of 30 Pcs.
  • There is a minor difference in the price with the same functionality.
  • They work with the endocrine system of the body.

4. Ubittek Weight Loss Sticker

Ubittek Weight Loss Sticker

Apply the sticker on the area where you want to lose fat and leave it for 8 to 10 hours. See effective results in few days.

Stick these stickers in the night and remove them in the morning for optimal results.

These weight loss stickers block the absorption of grease, sugar, and carbohydrates and reduce body fat.

The stickers are safe and non-irritating and come with the good-quality adhesives.

They are enriched with the tea extracts. The extracts take good care of your skin and restore its firmness. The ivy extracts maintain its elasticity and moisture.


As highlighted in our Himitsu Weight Loss Patch Review, these weight loss patches are extremely effective. If you’re in 2 minds regarding these weight loss patches, we would recommend you to go for them definitely. The rigorous testing which these patches have undergone makes them entirely safe for use.

The highlight of these weight loss patches are natural ingredients. Thus, if you’re looking to lose weight naturally, these patches indeed work to your advantage. So, you have no reason to not use these weight loss patches with literally no side effects. The pack of 30 also provides you with value for money proposition. Once you take all these factors into account, it is easy to understand why these patches are much better than others.

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