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Top 43 Best Names That Mean Anger

Names That Mean Anger: Baby-names with any negative or undesirable meaning were a no-no for the parents. However, many people today wish to ready their kids for this tough world by picking a name for them that means anger, trouble, aggression, passion, wrath, rage, insanity, and ferociousness.

Choosing a name with such harsh meaning is also great for parents who want their babies to set the world on fire with their charm, energy, appeal, and passion. There is indeed a particular charm about unique names that comes with a prepackaged rebellious/aggressive image.

In this article, we will discuss some unique and distinctive names from all around the world that means anger and anything else related to this adjective.

List of Top 43 Best Names That Mean Anger in 2021

Aafreen: This name generally means brave, angry, passionate, and courageous. The name is of Indian origin but is mostly used by Muslims.

Abbaddon: This boy’s name means destruction and to ruin.

Anima: With English origin, the name Anima means courage, anger, passion, feeling, and soul. This name is mostly used by people who are either Christian or Hindu by religion.

Akrosa: It is a boy’s name.  The name refers to wild anger and a person with a desire for success, ambition, energy, and confidence.

Batzorig: This name means courageous, livid, and strong. It is of Mongolian origin and is mostly used for boys.

Blaze: This boy’s name is of Latin origin but can be used for girls as well. It means fire, anger, and passion.

Brutus: The name Brutus means heavy. It is very close to the word meaning brutal and angry.

Cassiel: It is a Hebrew name for boys, which means angel of temperance/ order of powers.

Cole: It is an Indian name for boys that refers to the prince of red roses. If you want your kid to have inner strength, anger, and devotion to his beliefs, this name is the one for you.

Dagger: Another unique, rebellious name for boys of English origin is Dagger. It refers to anger, sharpness, and rage.

Diablo: It is a girl’s name of Spanish origin. The name Diablo is for people with anger and evil personality.

Draco: The name Draco is mostly used for boys. It has a Greek origin and means angry dragon.

Edhem: This name comes from Bosnian as well as Arabic origin. It is a very uncommon name with meaning angry, dark-skinned, and heated.

Eulises: The rare name Eulises has an old Greek origin. This boy’s name means to hate, wrathful, angry, and detestation.

Fachnan:  It is a boy’s name of Irish origin, meaning angry, spiteful, and malicious.

Ganzorig: This name generally means courage, anger, steel, and brave. It is of Mongolian origin and mostly used by parents for their boys.

Gunner: The name Gunner from the Scandinavian region means angry, bold warrior.

Gusti: It is an Indonesian name for boys meaning angry prince.

Hamill: It is a boy’s name of English origin. The name means scarred, furious and frantic.

Harbin: This name generally means bold, courageous, brave, and angry.

Hectate: The name Hectate is mostly used for girls. In Greek mythology, the meaning of this name is related to anger, magic, and witchcraft. The name also means far-reaching and will power.

Henry: Another English name for boys is Henry. It mostly refers to someone who rules his household. The second son of Prince Charles of Wales is named Henry.

Hurricane: This name is of Spanish and Native American origin. Hurricane refers to a storm which means that it can be used for both girls and boys. As a name, Hurricane is surely different, innovative, and attention-grabbing.

Ikiryo: It is a Japanese name for boys, which means the spirit of anger and envy. Another meaning of this name is to harm.

Iweagbu: It is an Igbo name that means” Anger destroys”. This name is an entreaty for detain on one’s anger as not to hurt anyone.

Jarogniew: The name is derived from the Slavic elements meaning energetic, angry, and fierce.

Jeeli: It is a Finnish name and a derived form of the name Joel. It is a very uncommon name all around the world and means power, angry and supremacy.

Joal: It is a unisex name that you can use for both girls and boys. The name is originated from Hebrew origin and means wrathful, precious, and powerful.

Kasim: The name is of African origin, mostly use for boys. It means the controller of anger.

Kuppuswamy: It is an Indian name for boys meaning lord of anger. It is a good choice for parents who want their baby to have wonderful organizational skills and a down-to-earth approach towards everything in life.

Lorcan: The name Lorcan is a boy’s name of Irish origin. It means little, angry, passionate, and fierce.

Locke: Locke is an English name that means livid, fortified place. It is a stylish, strong, and super masculine name for parents who want their kids to have a tough personality.

Mahakrodhah: It is a Sanskrit name for boys with terrible anger.

Mayir: It is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. It generally means encouragement, anger, passion, and glow.

Nirmanyu: The name is derived from Indian origin. It means free of anger.

Nico: Nico name can be used for both girls and boys. It is of Italian origin and means people of anger and victory.

Napayshni: It means angry, courageous, and strong. The name is of Native American origin, mostly used for boys.

Oden: This name is of Norse origin. Here, this boy’s name literally means inspiration, anger, rage, and frenzy.

Odin: Another boy’s name of Norse origin meaning rage and fury.

Rebel: It is a girl’s name. The name means angry and rebel (or someone asking for trouble).

Ragbhay: It is an Indian name for boys meaning fearful anger.

Terach: This Hebrew name for boys means wild and angry.

Thornton: It is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning “a place in the thorns”. Only a few people choose this name for their kids, so if you want your baby to have a fairly distinctive name with strong meaning, Thornton is an ideal option.


Embarking on parenthood can be extremely exhilarating; it is like trying to find your way through a maze without any instructions or map. With this name’s list that means anger, your family can set off on an amazing journey without spending too much time deciding on the baby’s name.  

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