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Top Best Names That Mean Rock For Boys and Girls

Names That Mean Rock: Strong parents want their kids to grow up and be as sturdy as a rock while providing sustenance to other people in their life. Kids with names meaning rock ultimately give them a sense of resilience and strength during childhood and adulthood. Almost every origin and language in the world, including old English, Scottish, and Irish, have many names of similar meanings.

People believe that when a person’s name means rock, it refers to a stone and has a more comprehensive meaning linked with the characteristics of a fighter.  The name shows how a combatant has the guts to endure hardships in life while standing strong as a rock.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common yet best names that mean rock to help you with the research regarding your baby’s name.

List of Top Best Names That Mean Rock For Boys and Girls in 2021

Alaina: This name is of German origin. It is mostly used to name baby girls and means “a precious rock”.

Alan: It is a boy’s name, which is of old German origin. The meaning of Alan is little rock. Some similar variations of the name are Ailin, Alann, and Alain.

Andromeda: This girl’s name means “leader of men”. In Greek mythology, Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess who was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the sea monster.

Bianca: Bianca means white, pure rock. It is a girl’s name of Italian origin.

Blackstone: This name is of Old English origin and refers to the black stone (a place’s name).

Buxton: If you want to name your boy after the “bowing stones”, Buxton is an ideal option to consider. It is a unique boy’s name of old English origin.

Cairn: Cairn is a boy’s name of Gaelic and Scottish origin. This name’s meaning is “mound of rocks” that was built during the Stone Age in the British Isles.

Cephas: It is a Hebrew name that means strong, rock, and epitome of strength.

Chantal: It is a European name, which means stone.

Cliona: Another Gaelic and Irish name in this list is Cliona. The name is Anglicized from Cliodhna (an Irish legend) that became a fairy queen honored at Cliona rock.

Dunstan: It is a boy’s name of old English origin. The name Dunstan refers to a brownstone or a brown hill with stone.

Easton: Easton is a name of English origin. This name is mostly used for boys and means “an island of rocks and stones”.

Ebenezer: This boy’s name of Hebrew origin means “stone of help”.

Ferris: Ferris name is taken from Irish origin. This boy’s name means rock.

Flint: This name is taken from nature. It is a boy’s name of English origin that means hard rock. It denotes strength, determination, and endurance.

Gaia: It is of Greek origin and means rock from the earth. In Greek mythology, Gaia refers to the godly personification of earth and everything in existence.

Gladstone: It is another boy’s name of English origin that means kite stone.

Griselda: This name of old German origin is for girls. The meaning of the name Griselda is gray battle, gravel, or stone.

Halle: It is a unisex name for girls and boys both and means rock.

Harley: This name is for girls. The meaning of Harley is hare meadow and rock meadow.

Hallstein: It is of Old Norse origin for boys and means rock stone.

Iolite: This Greek origin name refers to a violet-colored rock.

Iriving: The name Irvin is of Gaelic origin. It is a boy’s name means fresh green water near rocks.

Jade: Another unisex name on the list is Jade. It is of Spanish origin and means a semi-precious green stone.

Jetta: Jetta is a name of Danish origin. It is also a famous car brand name produced by the German automobile company Volkswagen. The meaning of this name is stone from gagai.

Keith: As a boy’s name, Keith means forest, woodland, and rock. It is of Gaelic/Scottish origin and one of the most commonly used names out there.

Kaya: People who want to name their girl that means rock, forgiveness, wise child, stone, home, and willow can opt for this Japanese/Turkish name.

Lorelei: It is of Irish origin and means a lurking rock.

Mason: This name is mostly used for boys and less widely used for girls. It is of English origin and refers to “the one who works with rocks”.

Nelka: Nelka name is taken from the polish origin. It means stone and warrior.

Niobe: This name is of Greek origin. It demonstrates the rock from which water is streamed continuously.  

Nilaratna: This name from Sanskrit origin means blue rock. The name is a combination of two words, i.e., Nila (blue) and Ratna (stone).

Onila: It is a Spanish name and means small rock.

Ophira: It is a girl’s name. Ophira is portrayed as a rich source of gold, precious stones, sandalwood, and other similar luxuries.

Parkins: This boy’s name is of English origin. It means rock and strength.

Pedra: Pedra is a Spanish name and means rock.

Rocco: Rocco is used for boys. The name is of Italian origin and means stone/rest. It is mostly used as a nickname for people named rocky.

Rochelle: It is a girl’s name of old German and French origin. The meaning of Rochelle is rest and little rock.

Sela: From Hebrew origin, we have the name Sela that means rock.

Shashimani: It is an Indian name that means a precious stone.

Tara: Tara is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin. The meaning of this name is star, hill, and rock of destiny.

Thurston: It is of old English origin. This boy’s name means “Thor’s stone”.

Winstone: The meaning of Winston is joyful stone. It is a boy’s name of English origin.

Wystan: Wystan is a boy’s name, which means battle stone.

Vala: It is a girl’s name. Vala is of welsh origin and means rock.

Zuriel: Zuriel is a stylish yet rare boy’s name. It is of Hebrew origin and means “the Lord my rock”.


Picking up a suitable name for your baby is the first step you take as a parent. This is why it is important to choose the best name that stands the test of time. Every name in the list is strong, modern, and unique to help you decide the one for your baby-to-be.

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