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The Life Starters – Where We Go To Start Over

About The Life Starters

If you have experienced a devastating catastrophe — we understand.
We have tasted your grief.

And we’re here to provide a safe place to start over.

Because you are more than a widow, a veteran, a divorcée, a deported citizen, the father of a stillborn child, or the victim of a natural disaster.

You are more than your grief. More than your trauma. More than your loss.

You are a whole human being — willing to re-enter the world, and re-discover what brings you alive.

You are a Life Starter.

We’re Life Starters, too. And we’re building an action-based social network filled with extraordinary peers, volunteer-coaches, and resources & tools that have reignited thousands of our lives.

This is about breaking the cycle of grief, by training your brain to reward you for bravery, compassion & forward momentum.

Who is this for?

I know nobody can understand or know what you are going through.  There are no words or real roadmap that can ever do justice when the unthinkable has taken place. When my husband died, I truly believed that a part of me had gone insane.

About Christina

Christina Rasmussen is on a crusade to change the way we live after loss. As the founder of The Life Starters, Christina serves as one-part community activator, one-part director, and one-part healing revolutionary.

The Reentry Class

The Reentry class is the foundation of the Life Starters.

The Life Starters experience begins with the 6 week reentry class led by Christina Rasmussen.  Each week you will receive a new video lesson, and every day you will interact with Christina and other members in the community as you complete your action step homework assignments. 


“I would say to anyone who is suffering a loss of anything to get your life back here in this wonderful community. For here, you will find a sacred space to heal. Here you will find love and support and compassion and understanding. Here you can rest and weep and grow strong and let the world go by whenever the need takes you. Here is love unlimited and growth and potential to be discovered.”

-Elaine Taylor

“This experience has allowed me the opportunity to work through and feel the past and has given me the courage, tools, and permission to move forward towards my brand new life with hope and excitement. The community has been inspiring, loving, and healing. I am able to dream again.”

-Linda Amodeo

“Life Starters gives me direct action oriented steps that empower me without overwhelming me. This is a community that honors grief while learning to live fully again.”

“The grief that comes from devastating loss is bewildering and isolating. Lifestarters addresses both these things; it gives you a roadmap to help guide you back towards the light and travelling companions who speak the language of loss and bring comfort and understanding along the way. To keep with the travel metaphors, in the stormiest of seas, Lifestarters threw me a rope and I’m holding on tight!”
– Jayne Dakin

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