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BEST BREAST PUMP FOR TWINS: Do you want twins or twins? How exciting! You will have double (or triple) fun, but your work doubles.

If you plan to breastfeed, you may already be worried about the challenges of breastfeeding multiples.

Yes, this is a challenge, but preparing for breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects of helping you succeed.

For twin pregnancy, it is important to understand how to express breast milk. Part of the preparation should include finding the best tools to help you. Breast pumps can actually save lives for multiple moms.

Because twins are usually born before full-term birth, there is a greater risk of separation from one or two babies after birth. The sucking reflexes of premature babies are usually poor and need to be fed in the first few weeks after birth.

The Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will help you express breast milk to provide the best starting point for your baby. They will provide high-performance hospital-grade breast pumps for your use.

If you want to continue pumping when taking your baby home, it is important to find a breast pump that suits your needs.

Features to consider when buying twins or twin breast pumps:

  • Electric-Let the power supply do all the work for you and maintain a good pump rhythm without causing hand fatigue.
  • Double – Expressed from two breasts at a time to imitate your baby care
  • High quality-to ensure that the motor can withstand high usage without failure
  • Fast-spend more time with your family than pumping
  • Effective – If you cannot meet the twins’ needs, you may find that the milk supply is decreasing. A cycle rate of about 60 cycles per minute is considered very effective, and less than 30 cycles are inefficient.
  • Convenient-is it easy to carry around, or can it be used with a hands-free bra to complete the extra work during pumping?

With the wide variety of breast pumps on the market, we have done all the research for you. Check out our guide to the best twin (or multiple) breast pumps.

List of BEST BREAST PUMP FOR TWINS Product Reviews 2021

1.US SPECTRA BABY – S2 – (Editor’s Choice)

Spectra Baby USA S2Plus Electric Breast Pump

One of the most noted care devices on the Internet forum is Spectra S2. The best twin breast pump This hospital-grade breast pump has the power of the best quality high-quality breast milk that modern moms should provide for babies, but it costs very little, but it has to buy real hospital-grade equipment.

It is mainly to be comparable to Medela’s “Symphony”, but in some respects even surpassed it, all performed well. Spectra S2 is usually a truly closed system, helping to ensure that the expressed breast milk is not contaminated by moving parts in the machine.

For this reason, there is usually a physical barrier that prevents breast milk from contacting other surfaces again to ensure that the breast milk that you happen to feed the baby is the same as that in breast milk. Mammary glands, can’t get rid of.

Although it prides itself on its powerful suction power of 300 mm Hg, it is very quiet, so it won’t interfere with your children because they or Jane Jenny are sucking on one breast while the Spectra S2 is on the other breast milking.

Moreover, if the baby will not care, then you need to provide the baby with sufficient access to milk, then you can definitely use the dual system of Spectra S2.

S2 is very easy to use. It has a complete LED display and can notify you who has activated the “massage mode” by touching the mouse button. This helps stimulate the breast ducts and glands to start contracting.

Soon, just like putting down the reflection and continuing to fully start, Spectra S2 will automatically switch to its “expression mode”, where you can also easily control the quality of milk expression.

Usually, it produces a slow and deep suction to imitate the child’s way of breastfeeding. In fact, you can use the Spectra S2 emoticons to program the rhythm and speed according to your preferences.

It also has a night light, so you can continue to express milk even when you are sleeping, without having to turn on the light. It also has a timer function, which means your breasts will not be sore.

The most important thing about this technology is that it protects the integrity of breast milk that is definitely expressed to a certain extent! Therefore, the mom’s baby is allowed to maintain good body shape.

The locked structure makes it unnecessary to clean the pipes. It stays dry and prevents ventilation between the milk and the test tube.

Not only can personalized settings be made for the mom’s body, but the company has also earned the credibility of a registered nurse and lactation consultant. -Experienced moms are already top experts!


Spectra S2 may be the best twin breast pump we have on this list. We have seen many parents try to use Mandela auto parts and accessories in Spectra S2, such as flanges and tubing. Although we do not really recommend this process, if you have a variety of Mandela products, it is indeed gratifying to find useful products on S2 at the same time.

S2 really impressed us with its closed system design and its unique message and expression mode. This helps ensure that the maximum amount of nutritious milk is always available.

2. Style MEDELA pump

Style MEDELA pump

Many nursing units in the hospital use the Medela unit as a technique for expressing breast milk with their escorts. Now you can equip your Medela unit with a convenient carrying bag, which is mainly used for fixing and serving as a nursing department.

High-end pumps equipped with “handbags” are areas that modern nursing moms should really have. The powerful pump is built into the On To Go handbag, so there is no reason to prepare a separate housing for the pump.

It also has an internal bottle container, which means you don’t have to worry about the bottle falling or leaking. The fashion pump also comes with a storage bag specially designed for flexible tubes, and it can systematically organize all the so-called essential breast milk (EBM) necessities.

The double pumping kit includes the patented Personal Fit bra. The inside of the bag is usually a removable heat-insulating bag with a sharp-shaped ice bag on it, fresh EBM on it, and no deterioration. The system also sells 4 milk bottles with sealed caps.

The advanced style pump also uses a very beneficial two-stage breast milk expression technology. The start of Phase 1 is a light touch of your mouse, while Phase 2 requires adjustment of the control knob to manage the speed or rate of pumping action, and the force of vacuum or suction.

The device is powered by a 9 volt AC adapter, so when there is no power socket around you, you can also use the included power accessory, which must be equipped with 8 AA-size batteries. On the Go tote bag is made of microfiber and is known for its true function.

You may be putting your lifestyle in the office, but have not imagined that you may be carrying a nursing unit. Therefore, the convenience is that there is no need to make a lot of settings! This is the level of the hospital, but it is likely that many moms are using this technology, and they have little experience as a hospital technician!

All you need to do is open up the situation and voila! The dashboard is ready to use the connectable pump! The humble and unassuming mom and side pockets may use a short stand on your iPhone!


Why did mom choose Medela over other brands? This is easy to understand, especially in Pump in Style Advanced. Now you can use some of the hospital-grade equipment that you may carry with you.

The disadvantage is that the freezing bottle is very small, compared with countless breast pumps, this is not an important disadvantage.

3.Philips Double Pump

Philips Double Pump

If you are interested in Philips, then you may take AVENT Comfort double electric breast pump seriously. The best breast pump for twins. This is almost the same as the other electric nursing equipment we used in this special top ten.

In addition to the rhythm and force of suction, it can only be set to three simple settings: low, medium, and high. However, the really fascinating AVENT Comfort may be a method by which the pumping device (especially the breast shield) can be made into a clear angle, imitating the work of baby care.

This way you can get more effective expressions from breast milk without having to reposition yourself. Although its automatic EBM technology has no special terms, it follows a spectrum similar to Spectra and Medela.

Once applied to the breast shield, and the button is also pressed, the pump will first start working by gently massaging the breast to initiate the downward reflection. Once enough milk affects the mammary duct, it will be directly expressed.

AVENT Comfort also includes a travel bag, which means you no longer have to worry about choosing a separate travel bag. However, it only runs on electricity.

The pump can discharge milk from both breasts at the same time, and you can usually consider using the pump to improve milk flow. The tilted feeding bottle allows the mom to display while sitting, and all feeding bottles are gently placed on the counter (if needed).

Through research on the long-term reputation of Philips Avent, in addition to ensuring completely safe products, we also learned the incredible importance of these tips!


This is the excellent angle design of the suction kit we found inside AVENT Comfort. Helping you suck breast milk can provide you with absolute relaxation and comfort. Some systems want you to be in a very forward position, so your pump may be more efficient.

This is not the case when using AVENT Comfort. It is a computer adjusted according to the position. On the downside, the suction motor makes a loud noise.

Final summary

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but from the beginning, for some of us, it can be difficult. Most importantly, the process of finding the right pump for you and your twins can be challenging.

This article is for new moms, moms who need adjustment, and someone who needs the best breast pump for twins.

These are my personal breast pumps that have received the highest ratings on the market so far, and I want to eliminate the pressure on you to find the best breast pump.

Although this is the best three pump for twins, I would say that based on its specifications and high durability, I personally think that the winner of these five pumps is the Medela pump with On To Go handbag.

It is a hospital level, so it can complete the work quickly, and consider disinfection and efficiency.

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