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17 Best Names That Mean Lust

Names That Mean Lust: Naming a baby lies on the shoulders of the parent and believe me, the responsibility is one of the hardest to fulfill. Choosing a unique and meaningful name is all we want for a child and it takes you to go across millions and billions of names having different origins, meanings, and associations.  Moreover, there are some other concerns too that make naming the baby more challenging than ever. You may need to choose an easy and attractive name that easily rolls on the tongues while it must be meaningful at the same time.

However, it is quite difficult to choose a name that has also sugar, spice, and everything nice. So, to make the challenge a bit easier, we have brought a list of names that means lust. Each name has an association, origin, and history behind it so that it may be easy for you to decide which name best suits him or her.

List of Top 17 Best Names That Mean Lust in 2021  

Abha– Abha is an Indian name used for girls or a female child. This name has a Sanskrit origin which means luster and shine.

Amia– This French name means ”beloved” and is widely popular nowadays. Amy, Amaya, and Amiya are their derivatives. Amia is a fascinating name and people like to name their child because of its sweetness.

Aiko– Aiko is another striking name that echoes in Japan. Aiko means to love and affection and is quite loved yet unique. 

Aziz– Aziz is a beautiful name having Arabic Origin. The name is one of the 99 names of Allah giving it an edge over the ordinary names. The masculine name has its charm and trance that will make your child stand out in the crowd. The name’s literal meaning is loved and adored.  

Aziza– Aziza is a feminine form of ‘’Aziz’’ which also means loved and adored. This name is also as lustful and charming as the masculine one and is gaining popularity in the century.

Caspian– Caspian is another striking name that catches people’s attention. The romantic name comes from the Caspian Sea, the largest sea in the world. The name is luring and fascinates when Prince Caspian of Narnia comes to mind with his bravery and other noble traits.

Chiara– It is another name that sounds extremely illustrious like its meaning.  It is a Latin American, Irish, and Italian name that means, celebrated, illustrious, and recognized.

Cliodhna– Cliodhna is pronounced as clee-uh-na. The name has an Irish origin. This female name refers to the Irish Goddess of love and beauty. This Goddess of Beauty used to rule over Banshees. This mythical name is very popular in Ireland because of its poetic and lustful meaning. This alluring and dramatic name has a rich history and proves to be a unique and well-picked name for your girl.

Enzo– It’s a boy name that exactly means the one ”who rules the place”. The name is fascinating and appeals to people due to its easy pronunciation and enticing meaning. 

Lofn– Lofn is the Goddess of lust and has a special place in Greek Mythology. The Goddess is said to be a gentle one who used to arrange prohibited marriages.  Lofn’s literal meaning is a ”comforter” or a loving ”person”. The girls who have this name are considered to be gentle and loving to their families.

Leif– Leif is a popular name in the US and Canada. The name has multiple meanings i.e. beloved, lucky, and descendant.

Lena– Lena is another small and sweet name that sounds lustrous. The name is derived from Helena and Elena. The name has a Greek origin which means alluring. The name is beautiful in its self but often used as a nickname for different names. 

Neha– Neha means to love and affection. It’s a short and concise girl name that sounds very appealing when taken. This name has a Hindi origin and is quite famous in Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Leif– Leif is a popular name in the US and Canada. The name has multiple meanings i.e. beloved, lucky, and descendant.

Rhea– This girl’s name has a Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Rhea is a lustful and powerful woman who is the mother of Zeus and the wife of Cronos. The girl having this name is said to be authoritative and dominating with powerful nature.

Tiras– The male name is present in the bible which means desire and lust. The resilient masculine name has power and attraction in it. Tiras is said to be the name of the grandson of Noah. The name is authoritative because it is said that Tiras was worshipped by his people as the God of Thunder.

Thaddeus– Thaddeus is an Aramaic name that is derived from the name Theodore. The name means the ”gift of God’’.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the best lustrous names you can choose to name your baby hoping to bring up a sweetheart full of love and affection. We believe one of these names would definitely grab your attention.

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